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Dear Passenger! Welcome aboard of Drupal commons!

Our task for the NGO is to “introduce Drupal Commons to an international group of professionals with a diverse cultural background”.

And we started with figuring out, who our target group is and what problems they might face while starting to use a new network.

Here is the brief overview:

  • There 200 people from all over the world (the number rapidly grew last year)
  • They change every 4-5 years
  • They meet 1-2 times a year to align the information
  • People are mostly concentrated on their direct duties
  • They travel a lot or spend a lot of time in the field
  • IT-staff is not necessarily there in every office 
  • There is a lot of other software being introduced at the same time

So the main problem is Drupal being an additional load for hard working people. There are two ways to change the situation: make motivation clear, showing that it’s worth it and comfort them, showing that it’s not hard to get used to it.

We chose two strategies to reach this goals:

  • team work as a basics to introduce and give some personal attention

As long as we know from the 4th week that “small teams work better”, we would propose our NGO to choose one person responsible for implementing the platform (ambassador) and make sure that he or she spends some time talking to each member of the group.

  • home page layout as a way to promote the new things that are coming with Drupal  

"Welcoming" has always been something that sets the tone of overall communication. In Russian tradition it is bread and salt ceremony that is to show the guest how important he or she is. The book always starts with foreword. For the on-line communication it’s the homepage.     

The homepage of internal network can include: motivation elements (in the shape of small icons always available, like here); comforting-welcoming elements (video to say “hi” in different languages, interactive tutorial with arrows). The last but not the least point is a possibility to receive an up to date feedback from users (small forum), also showing that every point of view is important. 

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