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WEEK 7: Design Principles

Throughout these last 8 weeks, I have learned quite a bit about basic team work, the overall design process & its pitfalls at every turn. Experiencing the confusiasm again throughout the project always gave me a reason to keep trying to clear things up. This is an obstacle I have learned from, and now know that the energy & attitude we all bring to the team is very important. In order to keep a good vibration within the team, there is a need for some rules, or in some cases principles.

I think its important that everyone brings the same amount of motivation & energy to the table. 

Everyone’s ideas & opinions should be taken into consideration during the entire process. That is what i consider open design. 

Everyone has their skills & weaknesses, that should be considered when assigning jobs & tasks. There should be a trade-off between the quality of work, and the time invested. 

These are 3 aspects of the design process I learned in these 8 weeks. Beyond and over that, there are some more principles I think are important in design.

Form should support Function

It should be intuitive & simple to use.

The energy needed to use the product or service, should correspond to the value you get out of it. A good bike, runs smoothly, and requires less energy, where a old, rusty bike would require energy to fix & maintain before able to use. 

To finish, I would like to emphasize on the idea that we are all creators, and just need to apply ourselves properly.  When we bring our motivation on the table, or we work as a team, and feel like we are part of something, ideas come naturally, the whole process becomes fun, and we improve ourselves as we go along this process, without much effort. 

"Where there is a will, there is a way" anonymous

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This time I want to start with a brief overview on the themes we have been looking at in the last weeks and then analyze them and make a reference on our NGO’s unmet need.


These tools give the opportunity to make an ‘open call’ to a wider community. Used in the ‘right’ way, these tools are the perfect start/base for sharing knowledge and ideas and moreover they can bring diverse perspectives and critical thinking to the problem/situation.


These three components, which are part of every community, are based and build up on each other. Starting with the ME, which can be an individual person or project, and which represents the WE as well as the NETWORK. Then the WE, which is crucial for gathering ideas and perspectives and then working on them on a collective level. And finally the NETWORK, which empowers the ME’s and WE’s to cooperate and collaborate and through this, to achieve higher goals.


Not only the teamwork itself but furthermore the structure and form of teams/groups have a huge impact on a running network or community. Knowing how the group size influences the work and how this knowledge can be used to work on different creating processes is central and can be very helpful.


For me, marketing is a very broad term with lots of subtopics. Thats why I am gonna focus on my understanding of it, especially regarding our NGO challenge. Referring to Solidaridads problems and difficulties, I guess the marketing is more focused on an internal level which makes it an ‘internal marketing’ for me. I did some research on this and found the following definition : ‘Management philosophy of promoting the firm and its policies to employees as if they are the (internal) customers of the firm.’
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Moreover, internal marketing is described as an inward facing marketing, which is used by marketers to motivate all functions to satisfy customers. I think this idea can be transferred to Solidaridad.


This is a visualization i made, to explain my thinking. Solidaridad is the center, surrounded by the different topics in different colors. But finally,in combination with Drupal they are combined.

That is because I dont believe that there will be ONE specific theme of which Solidaridad will benefit the most, but a combination of all of them, since they are build up on another.

I think the most crucial part in introducing Drupal to the various Expertise Centers is, to show them that we are aware of the fact that they have different cultural and ethnic values and understanding of things and to try and support them. Furthermore, we should try and comfort them in their usage. I believe that it plays a central role to give them the feeling of being helped and supported if needed. For example by connecting them with an individual contact person ( respectively ambassadors ) or by creating a interactive guide, so they can successfully implement the platform and finally use it on a daily basis. To sum up, the perfect solution should be based on motivation and support for the employees, created through transparency and direct communication/help. So, we should try to create an easy running internal interaction for every Expertise Centre and then, if that works, connect the smaller parts of Solidaridad on a global level. If we can achieve that, I guess that we have build a good base for them to finally work collaboratively together..

Thats it for now.

Thanks for reading and kind regards,


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