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There is no team in Teemo.


So let me start explaining my title. “Teemo” is one of my favorite character from an online game, he does not really contribute well in team fights, but does extremely well when he is solo-ing. In one way you could say that Teemo is me, since I do love taking solo missions, in game and in real life. I also do agree on the “you are the most creative, when you are alone” part, I noticed that after switching between working alone and in team.   

Anyways enough about me, let’s talk about my team for this project. The thumbs-up for our group is that everybody is willing to contribute and work. I think we have a pretty all-rounder team, we respect and listen to each other; I am really happy with that.

The challenge for me is to bring the whole group together and keeping all of them in track. Since you are working as a team, teamwork is very important. If one is falling behind, we need to be able to pick him/her up. Another challenge is me, for most of the time I have to high standards and spend too much time on small details. I am trying to cope with this, hence the shorter my blogs become.  

In general, a group of eight is quite big. In my experience my maximum group size was six, and there I already find it hard to communicate with everybody, for we worked in pairs in that group and it was really hard to ask for feedback from the other members, since everybody was busy with their own pair. Though I don’t really feel like we have a lot of problems with that now, mainly thanks to Facebook chat.  

Our group is not only an all-rounder in skills, but also in culture. I still cannot pin-point the impact of different culture in our group. I think most of the attitude comes from one self; like speaking a lot or being a better listener.

Until now we have divided all the task equally and we don’t really have any problems dividing it either. We volunteer on the work we want and so far, no one has complained. If there are any confusions we just ask each other, whether f2f or Facebook.

As mentioned above, I would like to try and keep the group together. Keep on motivating each other and adapt my standards to the whole group. I hope we will end up with great synnergy (synchrony +energy). So far, let’s keep up the good great work!  :D



There really is no team in Teemo.

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