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A bit of humour on Social Networks! This guy needs a special…

A bit of humour on Social Networks! This guy needs a special group!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maurice's IDE Reflection

WEEK 3: Crowdsourcing and Me

When I reflect back on how I use online structures I see 3 main directions.

The first and most commonly used simply involves my network of friends, that I connect through via Facebook, Skype or through phone services such as Viber or tango. With my network of friends distributed around the world, it helps me keep in contact, but also keep up to date with what they are doing, by following their timeline, posts, or new interests (often through Facebook). Direct communication is my preferred method, as it allows to create a conversation/discussion in real time, instead of bouncing idea’s back and forth. Of course there is a division between how I use these structures in my different social circles. During Team work, or projects the structure help largely to keep everyone updated, and informed on what has been done, what needs to be done, when. 

The second way in which I use online structures, is to explore & gather information. These topics are currently of personal interest, due to school, or personal projects. Websites like Wikipedia, Online Database forums, or Google Scholar, help tremendously in acquiring basic information, but also to gain insights & in-depth knowledge. Even when tackling everyday problems in the house, like fixing things, these structure prove to be very helpful.

The last direction in which I use online structure is to find inspiration, new ideas, or to simply release some energy by going on 9gag. Website like and TED, are always a good source of information, but often have innovative, or creative perspective on how to solve issues, or go about handling them. 

So how does Crowdsourcing fit into all this?

For me, to be truthful, Crowdsourcing has not yet had such a great impact on me. Although asking questions on yahoo.answers could be considered as such, there is a lot more potential to crowdsourcing I have to unlock. In order to do this, I have to find groups that share my interest, on diverse social or online platforms, with whom I can discuss idea’s, ask for insights, or simply give my view on the topic at hand. An great example for this would be Kitesurfing. Although I love the sport, and have great beaches around holland to do so, they are often inaccessible without a car, making it difficult for me to attain. However through online groups, it could be possible to organise a trip, with 3 or 4 people, who have time & interest. This would pool resources, and would only require one individual to actually have a car, with shared gas costs. This is a simple way to crowdsource, and is almost like Car pooling. 

I can see how crowdsourcing can be a helpful tool to anyone, and can often make life easier. 

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maurice's IDE Reflection

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maurice's IDE Reflection

Week 3 assignment

Hello guys, I would like to introduce some interesting and useful online tools to you, wish those tools could help you a lot in life and work.

  1. QQ

Almost everyone in my life circle are using QQ, it is the most popular personal communications app in history: over one billion registered users across 80+ countries.

QQ is an app that has so many functions: free voice chats, video calls, rich texting, blog, music, free movies, and games.

China is one of the regional expertise centers of Solidaridad network, so I believe they already used QQ as their contact tools.

I think you guys will very interest in QQ,if you want to make Chinese friends and know about Chinese culture or contact with your Chinese partners, download it and you will love it. This is the websites address to download international QQ(,it is all in English.


 2. SketchUp

It is 3D modeling software that’s easy to learn and incredibly fun to use.

As IDE student, the third year’s student told me that we will use it very frequently in our design assignment, and I already start to learn it, it is a free software and very easy to use.

This summer break, my father asked me to design the interior trim of our new home, this software really easy  for new users.

 3. SAI

It is a software for Wacom board drawing, there are many friend of me are using Wacom board but they always use Photoshop to drawing, I think SAI is specialized focus on drawing, easy to select color, many kind of pen and paper.

 4. Photoshop

It is a very useful software for designing and making poster.  

I don’t really good at Ps but it will to be our tool to using in our assignment, I am going to satudy it.

5. AotuCAD

AutoCAD is a software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting, I think it won’t very useful in our program.

6. Keynote

It is an APP of IOS system, very useful for me, there are many different style of form board of PowerPoint, next year I did many presentation, it made my preparing work easily.

7. Class table

This is an app about weekly plan, you can add everything that you want to finished in this week, for example: get up 7:30am,finish blog before Tuesday evening.. it will alarm you before the due time.


For our project, I am going to learn video editing software, I knew Miriam are good at it, I will study from her and I really interesting in it. I also want to learn Google hangouts and Google +, it will use in every weeks in this term, it’s a very good way of distance meeting.

Hope my share is useful for you and our project!

See you next week!

Jianyi Wang

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