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The last but not the least

Checking out "7 Design Principles, Inspired By Zen Wisdom" by Suzanne LaBarre today I got extremely inspired by one of them:

fukinsei or Imperfection as an invitation for co-creation 

This principle puts together all the different pieces I came across in the last two weeks into one beautiful puzzle.

Firstly, it echoes the discussion we had on vulnerability a couple of weeks ago. Revealing yourself as an imperfect human being (asking for help or support, for example) activates empathy followed by active actions to help or support. And thus becomes the basis for interaction.    

This idea was also a red thread for "Self Unself" exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven curated by Thomas Widdershoven (creative director of Design Academy Eindhoven) and Jan Konings I was lucky to see at Dutch Design week 2013. 

The first project I’d like to mention is Phonebloks by Dave Hakkens, the telephone inviting for co-creation and customization.


This phone consists of the base and various blocks that can be clipped onto it and changed when needed.

The second one - Eternally Yours book is a reflection on how to make a design sustainable implementing personal details into it. 


The book itself shows how it works including very personal photos of the  designers. 

It seems that social networks, such as facebook, tumblr, twitter, work exactly in the same way: they are only valuable when filled with personal details, relieving it’s user to the world.

Other internet services, such as crowd founding enable people to co-create the product they love, while crowd sousing is a platform enabling open innovation.

Using internet services based on imperfection (and thus interdependances) is a way to recreate the way the world communicates and acts. Deepak Chopra in his video about social networks calls this process co-programming of global brain. 

To the next year students I would advise to perceive Project community course as a co-creation process, in which every imperfect individual is of great importance in co-creating the whole. 

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