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#projcomm Privacy settings on social networks & personal branding

Understanding the online tools you work with and understanding their impact is critical when it comes to engaging in the online arena. Now I have not been able to catch up with all blogposts created by the nine groups and staff members so there might be some stuff that has been covered. My message to you: life is a great experiment. But make sure you understand it’s privacy settings.

Exploring social networks

You, as students of the Hague University and members of ProjectCommunity, are exploring the usage of social networks and this is great:

  • You participate in an online group in which you ask questions to fellow students and staff members.
  • Some will setup an account for the tools they come across (like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc)
  • You use Google + Hangouts to collaborate & organise.
  • You write publicly on a blog

And I’m really impressed by how you deal with these tools. But these tools have some great disadvantages as well: they struggle with giving you full control over your privacy in the public domain. You are also given a fair share of what a personal brand means and how to start building one as part of your education. I think this is great and unique.

A personal brand

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

A personal brand is not how you see yourself but what others say about you… think about it. Social networks has offered us great tools to express ourselves to share stuff we like, love, hate what we belief in etc. But have they told us as well how not to use it? Or have they told us to be aware of the consequences of using it?

Defining a strategy?

Does cool now, mean cool when you are applying for a job? Most of you are just getting started in their professional lives. Yes you are students but you already have a to worry about.. You are now getting ready to build your knowledge & experiences and to show that to the world. So you have to consider building a personal brand. Probably the reason why you need to deal with ‘personal branding’ already during this course. You can not tell yet who or what you wish to be at this stage of your life. You have made a choice with this course Industrial Design Engineering, but will this also be your career? So how will you safeguard your brand during a phase in your career that is some much fun?

Empowering you to build a brand

Social networks empower you to build your brand but also are great tools to destroy your career before it has even started. 

I accepted a few of your invites to become friends of Facebook, which means I allow you into my private life but also gives you an opportunity to communicate with me in an easy way. You can follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn and can talk to me on Google + in a hangout.

But this also made me realize that I have to reconsider what I post to Facebook. Today during the Hangout I suddenly became aware that this was a Google Hangout on Air. This session was recorded and on air: Hello world, Maarten van Leeuwen joining a session with students talking bla bla and showing his face. This session is now available on the world wide web.


Do you understand the tools that your using? Have you looked at your privacy settings on Facebook? Do you know that Twitter allows your entry history to popup in search results not only on Twitter? Sometimes even when 


(personal note: last week I went to see this movie and I feel in love with Amber Heard, but don’t tell my girlfriend oeps hope I can delete that…)

Our world is rapidly changing. TV’s record data about what we watch. Apple’s iOS 7 has some interesting privacy issues. Facebook & Google + are being sued by several governments for neclecting privacy of it’s customers. Governments & companies behind technology invade our privacy and but these tools also help us to stay connected. Don’t you think? 

So the big questions is: what will your personal brand look like? Will you be the party animal? Or the one who doesn’t have a life? Cause you don’t have a life if you have no Facebook account, right?

Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Consider your actions

  • Be aware of privacy setting on social networks
  • Be aware of the how your behaviour off - and online will affect your future

Some questions

  • How do you think that people’s view on privacy might affect their behavior online? And how does this affect their willingness to share their knowledge & expertise?
  • Will you share with me some articles you have read about privacy settings on social networks and devices?

Look forward to hear from you in the comments on the ProjectCommunity website! Have a nice week!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maarten van Leeuwen

Me and technology

Any information about you on the Internet is a digital identification. .A digital identity is an online or networked identity adopted or claimed in cyberspace by an individual, organization or electronic device. You can just write your name in google and find a lot of things, which you or other people post.

I believe I have not enough versed in technology to our generation. But our teachers are contrary in this regard are very advanced, it makes us think that it’s our generation, we need to better understand new technology. I’m trying to change it to myself, learning new programs and technologies. Also I began to notice that im change my phone or computer not when it become old but simply because the company has produced and presented a new model of them. Every day I use a variety of technologies that help me communicate and stay online all the time

It is not so difficult to deal with the new program for me, because I’m always open to something new.Now I’m trying to learn how to use Photoshop with videos that I find on the Internet. That is why I’m a bit excited in learning such new social networks as google+ hangouts and meetingwords.


I can work with a variety of social networks such as tumblr, twitter, Facebook, VK. Also I know how to use such programs as Word, powepoint, excel. And of course I will help my groupmates with this programs if they will have questions or stucks.


I think that my technical skills are progressing position. And finally if we understand how to use all of new software and technology it will help us to further explore the design and engineering.


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Antonina Khariton Design Project

To begin with, I think that this course is a good way to learn how to work in a team, how to…

To begin with, I think that this course is a good way to learn how to work in a team, how to organize your project and team project.

community project is a term applied to any community-based project. This covers a wide variety of different areas within a group of networking entities.

According to Dennis D. McDonald (2008), community has a more complex and subtle meaning that refers not only to group members, who are sharing a common goal but also to their internalization of the community’s goals at a more fundamental level than just a simple agreement or disagreement. 

Сommunity project is an integral concept that shows not only how people work together as a team, but as a project organized, how relationship between group members influence on the project, and how the work is actually performed. The success of the work is to ensure that all people in the group were involved in its creation.

Motivation playes an important role in comminity project. People should feel pashionate to the project because, that the more committed one is to a project’s success, the more likely the project will be a success. (Filev, 2009) From the very beginning it is necessary to determine which advantages and disadvantages people have. Also people should define which roles they play in their community (Team leader, coordinator, designer, creator and others). Maximum productivity of the team will lead to successful implementation of any job for any period of time. All project participants need to understand the what exactly they do which will help communities understand the role of project.image

After that, we have to write a plan of our work. What are we going to do first, second and third. We have to do a lot of research about the subject.

And of course we will use social networks, this is a simple way to communicate with eachother. It is very good to share your ideas with your group members when they are far away from you and of course, when they read it, they will better understand what you are exactly mean. There are a lot of different usefull websites, which can help you to communicate faster with eachother, like meetingwords or google+

Also I think that this blogs will be really usefull to understand your groupmates better and faster.



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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Antonina Khariton Design Project

Starting with Project Communities 2013

I look forward to working with students from The Hague University! I had a lot of fun working on this video. Unfortunately my battery died while recording it and had to run while try to fix what went wrong on Monday morning.

I’ll be using this Tumblr to share some of my insights while working on this project with the students.

Hopefully my Tumblr blog can be added to soon! :)

BTW, I just love the Tumblr iPhone app. It really makes my life a lot easier!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Maarten van Leeuwen