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Technology Challenges

Hi all

I’m posting this as an announcement as well as in my Faculty blog as I want to know your thoughts and opinions.

This week has been one of juggling a couple of challenges – some just for me personally, and some for the group. For me, my little under-powered netbook may be coming to the end of its useful life as my companion on the road. Google Hangout just killed it in terms of processing power and I sat here in Rossland, BC (rural Canada where I’m teaching a graphic facilitation workshop and go to Vancouver tomorrow to teach a second one) trying to type in a frozen chat stream, hear, talk… blah blah blah. It just would not work.

For our group as a whole, I can easily imagine the frustration and//or boredom in the classroom and the call for some new strategies — both in terms of technology and process — is well timed.

A couple of things I have been thinking of which have been echoed by others.

  • IF we continue to use Google Hangouts for the full group, create a circle prior to the time of the Hangout to easily invite everyone.
  • Figure out why invites are NOT showing up or visible for some members (I learned a shortcut from Alan yesterday – copy and send the URL directly to people!)
  • Get the Hangout URL and Meetingwords URL set up a half hour in advance and email to everyone.  Decide WHERE we will take notes. (That flew out the window this week and would have been even more helpful due to the bad audio quality.
  • Set up some smaller Hangouts … maybe I can do a hangout w/ two teams at a time?
  • Get clearer and more prepared for what we want to do in the hangout. It has to be high enough value to be worth the challenges.

What do you think of these ideas? What ideas do you have?

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