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The Blog Machine is Making Music! (and listening for comments)

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by fdecomite:

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo by fdecomite:

We are extremely pleased with how quickly this year’s students have gotten their blogs linked to the site, and have already taken on writing their reflections. And there is some creative effort already in naming blogs and using media. You can see a list of all registered sites on a new menu tab for All Blogs.

Check the tab for your group and make sure your blog title is listed on the right sidebar. If it is missing (or miss-assigned, that ha already happened, Alan’s Human Error Machine), please use the contact form to let me know.

tumblr button You might notice a few blogs titled… “Untitled”– when you see that does it help you to know the source of a post? You can change the title of your tumblr plug at any time by visiting it’s public URL, e.g. If you are logged into tumblr, and it is your site, you will see a “customize” button.

That leads to an interface where you can create a more unique, descriptive title, as well as do thing like pick a new theme, or add features to your blog.

If you change your title, the next time our site checks yours, we will update that title everywhere it appears on the site. Correction, it will change the name on new posts and when your blog appears on the sidebar,

If you wish to have it changed how it is listed for a blog’s archives, you will have to contact me since it requires a small manual edit to the site.

Some questions that came in:

Will all of my tumblr post will be posted here?

Yes, everything you post on your blog is copied here. We provide a link back to your original site on each post. It is not immediate, we check your site only once an hour, so do not panic if your post does not show up right away.

The reason we do this is to assemble everyone’s posts together, and to organize them by your project groups. In addition, tumblr does not have a built in system to comment (actually it can be done, but is a bit tricky), and even if it did, there is not away to bring comments together. So you can comment on posts on the Project Community site,

Do we still need to use the hashtags once we’re connected here?

No, tags are not required. Everything you write on that blog comes in here (if you decide you like tumblr, you can create new ones for any topic you like).

tag widgetWe suggest using tags to describe what you are writing about as descriptive terms– if you are writing about crowdfunding strategies for NGOs, if you add tags “crowdfunding”, “NGO”, and “strategy” we are able to have a link that will show all other posts using the same tag — see all posts tagged OpenInnovator as an exmaple

All tags are grouped together on the sidebar widgets, and overtime will grow to show what topics are mentioned more often. Tagging is not required for you as an individual, but if you contribute tags, it benefits the entire community.

Comments Are Conversation Are Community

Comments are important in this experience. They are a way to connect our work, person to person. You can give feedback, share resources, give criticism (be constructive). It is important to comment on other people’s work, and to respond to comments that people make on yours.

However, our site has no way to contact you when a comment arrives. One option is to check the box at the bottom of the comment form, Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This will let you know when there is a new response to something you have participated in. If you every wish to turn off notifications, there should be a link at the bottom of any of the notification emails.

You can also monitor all conversations on the site via the Conversations button. These are organized to show the newest comments at the top, but they are grouped by the page they reference, so you can see more of a discussion thread.

Another strategy is to keep an eye on your own posts- look for the link to all your posts on the right side of your group’s page. For example, from Group 7, on the right side is a link Ceire’s Corner. If this was my blog, I might bookmark the page, and keep an eye on the indicator that shows me how many comments have been made per post:

Each post will display the number of comments it has received

Each post will display the number of comments it has received

If you click that link, it takes you right to the comment form.

Like many things in a networked environment, you have many choices on a communication strategy. We will not prescribe one approach, it is up to you to develop one that works best for you.

Happy blogging!

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