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Daily Page View Snapshots – Curious?

I am going to try and regularly share some screenshots of the page view stats. We can also show you “behind the scenes” of the blog if you wish.

I find it interesting to see which pages get the most page views. This week, the blogs are moving up in attention. That is a great sign!

What pages were  popular Sept 18

What pages were popular Sept 18


What pages were  popular Sept 19

What pages were popular Sept 19

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Want to Know How the Blogging is Going?

Just a quick post to share some of the Projectcommunity web stats so far. Monday 21 articles were published. Tuesday there were 55, Wednesday 10 and today 8. Some of those were from faculty, so I suspect there are a few of you who still need to get your blogs started (hint, hint!)


You might be surprised to know there were two visits from people who followed a link from Twitter today and 8 yesterday (I think both Alan and I are tweeting with the #ProjComm hashtag if you want to figure out how/what it means to follow a Twitter hashtag!)  We’ve had some referrals from Facebook as well.

What pages were popular yesterday? Take a look at this image.


I’ll occasionally post stats if you are interested! If you’d like a tour of the back end of our site, ask Alan or I and we can do a hangout and show you.
Waving from Seattle


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