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Me, FriendS, Strangers.

In me, I find three “zones”; the me-zone, the friend-zone (no, not the boy meets girl version) and the strangers-zone (which is divided into: “Interesting person that I would like to get to know better” and “I do not even want to know you. Seriously. Weirdo.”) Coincidentally I can find these zones back in my use of online spaces too.

Now, just like the me-zone in my real life, my virtual me-zone happens to be the biggest of all three. I spend most of my time googling, youtubing, reading memes, and stalking people on Facebook etc. Since I love to work alone, this zone has the most value to me. No complains, no nagging, no nothing, just surfing the hours away in Zen-mode. Or maybe I like it because I am a narcist. Maybe.

Though, we, people, are social beings, no matter how much I would love to marry my own reflection, I cannot accomplish this, in reality. So we, humans, come up with this word: “friend”. Boy, how lucky I am to have offline and online friendS. Now, friends-zone is something very close to my me-zone. As stated above, even though I love myself, I have to admit that without my friends, my world would be less fun. I would for example have no partner to venture new dungeons with me or I would only get teamed up with only please uninstall the game noobs. Sigh. Currently I have a group of ten friends whom I game with, they all live in the Netherlands and we use Whatsapp and Skype to stay in touch, this works fine. Sadly, through the years I have seen the members increasing and decreasing, but I am happy that I have been in this team for a long time and I hope this will last longer. Maybe forever? Maybe.  

Last but not least, the strangers-zone. This zone is the most farway from the other zones, like Pluto and Earth. As you may know, or probably know now, I game a lot. Gaming is a big world and even though you could stick to your friend-zone group, sometime you have the urge to explore the unknown on your own. Like when you start a new game and you know no one, you may join a guild and play with your guild members all over the world, without actually knowing their real name.  With these online-ers, I rather not exchange personal information, even not my skype. Online people are not trustable. I mean, I could not be Warisra who is writing this, but a Pegacorn hrmm… Yeah, right… Or am I maybe? Maybe.

All in all, even though there is a chance where I do find nice people through networking, I prefer to stick to my flock, actually more to myself. Maybe because my mom brainwashed me about becoming an independent lady. Just maybe.

Stay awesome Gotham,


And remember kids: “loving oneself is different from being arrogant, conceited or egocentric.” says Wikipedia about self-love.

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