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WEEK 7 #

We almost done our project communities lessen, we are in week 7, and week 8 is the deadline of our works, media presentation. Actually at the beginning of Project Community I was a little bit confused. I have no idea about this class; just introduce Drupal to our NGO? But during the 7weeks, I understand it is not such easy thing, we explored the four segments, what could Drupal support and what our NGO most needed, the end work and the most important work for our group is – put our experience of teamwork, our knowledge of four hands, our technology and design skills into this project, give our NGO the most suitable suggestions as a video.


Last week we were meeting on Wednesday, we thought we are going right and pretty ok, we could finish everything before the deadline, but we fund we still have a lot work to do after our tutor’s advice, it was not feeling good of every group member, I remember the meeting start at 3.45 end at 7.45, we made a completed storyboard and divided different tasks to everyone, we made a timeline that could make sure we could finished every work before the deadline. After the meeting, even though we know we got a lot of work to do, but we are in a right way, we could have a well done in the end, we are confident.


So what the best way to meet our NGO’s need is? After we exploring crowdsourcing, teams, and crowdfunding, marketing, I think I got the result, merge those four parts because every part have it unique advantage.

Our NGO needs to have a platform to connect “me, we, network”, to exchange document and knowledge, Solidaridad has 10 regional expertise centers around the globe working together, the intranet platform of internal communications & community are very needed – Drupal commons.

-They can share their documents and learning in this platform, there is a function like Dropbox, -you can download the useful document that uploaded form other member.

-There have an inbox function, you could send message in everywhere and every time.

-They could organize online meeting like Google hangout, it really saving time.

-It has an event timetable that you can check in order to meet the time.

-Everyone has their personal zone, it include personal detail and your personal blog.

Until now, Drupal looks like an internal platform, what we want to do is to improve the level to marketing strategy. We have learned about Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding, how could those thing help Solidaridad’s marketing strategy, a way for the client to gain access to potential users.

People’s power is stingless, why don’t Solidaridad use the power form internet, collect the marketing strategy from crowdsourcing platform? This way is better than just collect the opinion form employee, it is low-cost, and fast, it also builds the relationship with their customers.

In the other hand, Solidaridad could put their marketing strategy in crowdfunding platform, Solidaridad could not only collecting funding but also get more fans of their organization, the contributor would pay more attention to their project, and come up with more idea to the development.

I believe we will have a good ending, not just a belief, we need hardworking now.

CU tomorrow

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WEEK 4: Design Team Dynamics

Design Teams, Work Teams, Creative Teams, Sports teams, or structural teams all have one thing in common. They take individuals skill & energy and turn them into a combined effort to accomplish a common goal. The idea that working together can have greater benefits for the collective than working individually has been clear to humans since the beginning of hunter & gatherer societies. We could even say, that our very distant mammal relatives, the Chimpanzee’s had already figured this out. Although this example takes it a bit far, the idea behind it is clear; Collaboration is a quintessential to Human progress.

However intuitive & important teamwork might be in our society, it is not always as simple as we would like to think. Efficient team management starts by addressing individual needs of the team. In order to understand the many different levels of needs people can have, I like to use Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs to break up this aspect of human psychology. When using this hierarchy as a structure to map out individual needs, we can start seeing a relationship between peoples needs & their living situation. 

Having said this about team work, i want to finish by reflecting on our team work. The last 2 weeks have become a lot more productive for the team as a whole. We managed to divide tasks into smaller groups, and all have something to contribute. With a larger group like ours, individual participation sometimes is a problem as not everyone knows what to do, or has a clear task in mind. It has always worked best for me better when we managed to divide up tasks and connect our efforts. As a team we are also trying to apply what we are learning about Team Work, directly to our challenge. In order to keep this up, I think its important that we stay organized, and all have an idea of what has to be accomplished, and each person can take a part in it.

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ProjComm – Week 3

Ok guys I’m just going to be really honest right now, I kind of suck in terms of technology but not too much, I know a bit about photoshop, illustrator, corel draw the Office Pack and some other softwares but in that area that’s pretty much it, pretty basic, I did some basic knowledge courses but I don’t think I would be of great help in terms of software even though I am working on it, since I moved to Den Haag I bought a new and WAY BETTER laptop than my old one which was almost as heavy as I am.

I don’t want to be that kind of person that promises things and never does anything, I am improving my talents and I’ll also start working with some 3D software hopefully soon. It would be a great improvement for me and it would be helpful for my group now and the ones on my future projects, not only in projcomm.

In terms of social media and communities I can say I am pretty familiar with anything and If I’m not I can figure out pretty quickly. I just learned to work with Meetingwords for the projcomm classes as well as the Google gadgets like the hangout which needs a little improvement and Just as many people and I know Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Orkut, Askfm, Youtube,  Vimeo well and can work in any of them, since I am huge music fan, I am also very familiar with websites or social medias that are more focused on music like or Purevolume, which are a bit different than any of those others that are normally used, making people connect through their level of compatibility in music taste, very interesting systems to work with and be a part of and that not many people are familiar with.

Baby steps to improvement…


hopefully it starts a going a LITTLE faster after a while haha

I think I can be very helpful in many ways and in ANYway, and anyone can we all just need commit to it, as long as we commit to what we love and what we want or need to do we’ll do a pretty good job after all…………..”WITH PRACTICE COMES PERFECTION”

See you guys next week


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Week 3 assignment

Hello guys, I would like to introduce some interesting and useful online tools to you, wish those tools could help you a lot in life and work.

  1. QQ

Almost everyone in my life circle are using QQ, it is the most popular personal communications app in history: over one billion registered users across 80+ countries.

QQ is an app that has so many functions: free voice chats, video calls, rich texting, blog, music, free movies, and games.

China is one of the regional expertise centers of Solidaridad network, so I believe they already used QQ as their contact tools.

I think you guys will very interest in QQ,if you want to make Chinese friends and know about Chinese culture or contact with your Chinese partners, download it and you will love it. This is the websites address to download international QQ(,it is all in English.


 2. SketchUp

It is 3D modeling software that’s easy to learn and incredibly fun to use.

As IDE student, the third year’s student told me that we will use it very frequently in our design assignment, and I already start to learn it, it is a free software and very easy to use.

This summer break, my father asked me to design the interior trim of our new home, this software really easy  for new users.

 3. SAI

It is a software for Wacom board drawing, there are many friend of me are using Wacom board but they always use Photoshop to drawing, I think SAI is specialized focus on drawing, easy to select color, many kind of pen and paper.

 4. Photoshop

It is a very useful software for designing and making poster.  

I don’t really good at Ps but it will to be our tool to using in our assignment, I am going to satudy it.

5. AotuCAD

AutoCAD is a software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting, I think it won’t very useful in our program.

6. Keynote

It is an APP of IOS system, very useful for me, there are many different style of form board of PowerPoint, next year I did many presentation, it made my preparing work easily.

7. Class table

This is an app about weekly plan, you can add everything that you want to finished in this week, for example: get up 7:30am,finish blog before Tuesday evening.. it will alarm you before the due time.


For our project, I am going to learn video editing software, I knew Miriam are good at it, I will study from her and I really interesting in it. I also want to learn Google hangouts and Google +, it will use in every weeks in this term, it’s a very good way of distance meeting.

Hope my share is useful for you and our project!

See you next week!

Jianyi Wang

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Jianyi Wang :)

Me and technology

Any information about you on the Internet is a digital identification. .A digital identity is an online or networked identity adopted or claimed in cyberspace by an individual, organization or electronic device. You can just write your name in google and find a lot of things, which you or other people post.

I believe I have not enough versed in technology to our generation. But our teachers are contrary in this regard are very advanced, it makes us think that it’s our generation, we need to better understand new technology. I’m trying to change it to myself, learning new programs and technologies. Also I began to notice that im change my phone or computer not when it become old but simply because the company has produced and presented a new model of them. Every day I use a variety of technologies that help me communicate and stay online all the time

It is not so difficult to deal with the new program for me, because I’m always open to something new.Now I’m trying to learn how to use Photoshop with videos that I find on the Internet. That is why I’m a bit excited in learning such new social networks as google+ hangouts and meetingwords.


I can work with a variety of social networks such as tumblr, twitter, Facebook, VK. Also I know how to use such programs as Word, powepoint, excel. And of course I will help my groupmates with this programs if they will have questions or stucks.


I think that my technical skills are progressing position. And finally if we understand how to use all of new software and technology it will help us to further explore the design and engineering.


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To begin with, I think that this course is a good way to learn how to work in a team, how to…

To begin with, I think that this course is a good way to learn how to work in a team, how to organize your project and team project.

community project is a term applied to any community-based project. This covers a wide variety of different areas within a group of networking entities.

According to Dennis D. McDonald (2008), community has a more complex and subtle meaning that refers not only to group members, who are sharing a common goal but also to their internalization of the community’s goals at a more fundamental level than just a simple agreement or disagreement. 

Сommunity project is an integral concept that shows not only how people work together as a team, but as a project organized, how relationship between group members influence on the project, and how the work is actually performed. The success of the work is to ensure that all people in the group were involved in its creation.

Motivation playes an important role in comminity project. People should feel pashionate to the project because, that the more committed one is to a project’s success, the more likely the project will be a success. (Filev, 2009) From the very beginning it is necessary to determine which advantages and disadvantages people have. Also people should define which roles they play in their community (Team leader, coordinator, designer, creator and others). Maximum productivity of the team will lead to successful implementation of any job for any period of time. All project participants need to understand the what exactly they do which will help communities understand the role of project.image

After that, we have to write a plan of our work. What are we going to do first, second and third. We have to do a lot of research about the subject.

And of course we will use social networks, this is a simple way to communicate with eachother. It is very good to share your ideas with your group members when they are far away from you and of course, when they read it, they will better understand what you are exactly mean. There are a lot of different usefull websites, which can help you to communicate faster with eachother, like meetingwords or google+

Also I think that this blogs will be really usefull to understand your groupmates better and faster.



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week 2 assignment


1.       How do you understand our class goals?

I think our goal is to understand communities and networks as a team, how communities and networks can support innovative design. I believe through the process of teamwork, we will have new insight of designing because we sharing our idea to group member, we listen to each other and compare our ideas, then we get the most practical idea to do our work , we can learn many ideas from others as well as many technology design skill.


2.       What do you need and want to learn as you/we explore the different themes from application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?

I want to learn Google Hangout like yesterday during the lesson, it is very useful and interest, and we put our question on Meetingword in different color by different group, everything are very new for me, now I am using Tumblr to write blog and it will shows on our group page, there are many thing I need to learn and I am very interesting in every new online technology tools.


3.       What would you like the outcome of your team’s project to look like?

I expect our project can be remembered by everyone who looks at our work. It would not only look like a finished project but also a perfect surprise. Our project will include creativity and innovative.


4.       What “specialty quality” will you bring and contribute?

I am not good at manage a team and some designing work, but I will comply with team leader and never lazy. I was major in IBMS program, I know many research methods and marketing things and I am good at drawing, I will do my best to contribute our project.

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