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So far, so good.

Throughout the 7 weeks that we have been studying this course we have explored many different themes. These include Technology stewardship, Crowdsourcing and online social structures, Work teams, Crowdfunding networks and this week Marketing. All of these different themes throughout the weeks have all be useful in different ways towards supporting our NGO. However there have been certain themes that have been more useful than others to reaching our goal.

Our NGO ‘Gogorobi’ set us with a goal of expanding their networks and fundraising. Thankfully these actually run very closely alongside each other and when completing tasks for one, it actually contributes to the other. For example if you increase the variety of platforms that you use to get a larger network, then this would mean that there would be more chance of people donating to the cause and therefore would contribute to the fundraising aspect also. However I would personally say that the most useful theme for us so far was Week 6: Crowdfunding Networks.

-       Firstly because it is directly linked to our NGO’s goal of expanding the network and also fundraising, through one aspect of using the ‘Crowd’ (larger audience with opportunity to expand) to get the ‘Funding’ (fundraising) that Gogorobi would need.

-       Secondly, because it provided us with new information about different platforms that are available for Gogorobi to use. One of the platforms that we found when researching Crowdfunding is called Global Giving. You may have seen me talk about this in my previous blogs, but if not… Global Giving is a crowdfunding website specifically for charities like Gogorobi to use which give an initial training month on how to use the tools on the website to Crowdfund effectively.

-       Thirdly because of the importance that this new information will play when presenting to our NGO in 3 weeks’ time as this has now become a major part of our proposal to Gogorobi in how they can reach their goals.

However even though I personally think that this is the most important aspect of solving the unmet needs of Gogorobi, I also think that there will be some other aspects that will play a key role towards the success during the process. The first thing that I would say would play a key role would be whether our group delivers a good enough presentation to convince Gogorobi that this is the correct path for them to proceed down. Because in the end if they are not convinced with our findings then they don’t actually have to use any of the information that we have given them, it’s their own choice to choose what they think is best and want they want to use. If Gogorobi do choose to take on board what we have said and go with the suggestions we have made about Crowdfunding, then the next key role towards success would be marketing and maintenance. By this I mean how well Gogorobi would keep their Global Giving site maintained and how much effort they put into actually marketing it to get more donations, because without the time and effort being put in, then I personally don’t believe that they will be successful in fundraising using this crowdfunding site that is perfect for them.

I feel that the solution to these key roles succeeding will be self-motivation. Especially from the person at Gogorobi that will be using our ideas to achieve the goal that they have set us. Because in the end we can only give them the best advice and tools available but after this it is down to them whether they use it in the first place, maintain it over time and also how effectively they use it to achieve the goals that have been set. But I have no doubt that ‘self-motivation’ will not be an issue whatsoever, due to the fact that Gogorobi is a non-profit organisation and therefore the people that work there do so for the values that the charity stand for. If they are already working for Gogorobi then they clearly display to me that they have the motivation needed already, to carry through these solutions. 

Until next time… :)

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