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The Final stretch

I find the wast couple of weeks to have been really helpful for me and as i can see to my classmates too. All of the topics we’ve been trough have their own specific benefits and all of them are going to be useful in the future. Of course I have to say which one I learned from the most and even if I want to say- the whole thing, I can’t. So I’m going to go for the thing which I think was the main one and the one which can actually define the whole picture and it is TEAMWORK. 

During my previous education almost all of my tasks and assignments have been personal and we barely did group ones. Considering this I can say that I didn’t have any experience with teamwork. I have noticed the benefits of it and of course some of the cons. For example I noticed that when there is a problem in front of you It’s easier to solve it as a team than by yourself, also 4 or 5 heads think better then just one. I have also seen that sometimes may be a difference in the characters and the situation can get a little edgy and some points but that’s why the other members are there to balance the difference and solve the problem. I can compere this topic to our NGO because basically they are, as well as all of the companies, a big team and in order to be successful it’s crucial for them to have a good working team. 

I’m also going to talk a little bit about my design principles here. I believe that any product should be simple and friendly- because it’s easier  for the client to understand it and to be able to handle it and of course, why make their lives even more difficult. Secondly it should be extremely efficient because we don’t want to disappoint our clients and we would like our product to be the best of it’s kind. So now we have “simple” and “efficient”, looking at those together what we may think? BORING, or at least most of the people will think of that and we know that this could be a major problem so we are putting our best efforts in that direction. 

So what can I say to the next year students? This project was special because it is so early in your education but at the same time really serious but to be able to manage it easily the basic thing are to always pay attention to your task be really goal orientated and always seek for solutions. Another thing is that you are gonna be placed in teams and you should try to have the best possible communication and you have to have patience with the other members in your team. 

I had a GREAT time. 

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If it’s ”Hello there!”, why not ”Bye here!”? :)

It’s easy to find your place in the world through communities. I mean, if you are interested in something and people who are usually around you may not care as much as you do about that thing, then online communities can be a way to find people like you. So that can mean that people with same interests can inspire each other, which, if you ask me, it’s the best part. Once a person knows where to look for inspiration the innovative design wouldn’t take so long to come to the white world. And as long as it’s a community, you can still learn from others or help the people who want to develop. Like our community on the . I’ve learned sooo much, thanks to the new friends I’ve made. We exchange experience and we struggle together, which motivates me (and I hope not only me). 

First of all, I like things and information well put, easy to understand but still as comprehensive as possible! So, in a community everything should be shared and used for the better of everyone.

Decentralization- people in a community should be equal. There shouldn’t be nobody on top of everybody else. It would be too not interesting if people listen to just one person and the sense of creativity would be lost or forgotten.

Tolerance- people should listen to all of the opinions in a community, more points of view- more ideas.

Simplicity- in order to be well understood, a person should always express himself/ herself with simple words or pictures.

Brevity- you can leave a space for the people to consider and wonder, maybe develop the brief idea or content you have shared.

For the next year’s class…

Every beginning is confusing, but here, my friends, we don’t deal with confusion, but with confusiasm (Nancy White). :D If you don’t know the meaning now, you’ll figure it out reeeally fast, in the very beginning. Then the only thing for you to do is take the time for completing the assignments and you can enjoy your brand new community full of new friends and other confusiastics. ;)  

There is not much to say or advice. You should get the best out of the course, which is easily achieved by listening to your tutors and follow their guidance. Everything is well structured and with the right pace you can do no wrong. 

I’ve learned much about internet tools. Everything I’ve been taught will be valuable for my future work. Moreover, if I want to work from home, all kinds of internet tools will be more than helpful.

So I guess that’s all for my first time working-on-a-project-with-a-team. It was great and certainly unforgettable experience for me. I hope no one is disappointed and everybody will have fun at the very end.



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1 Down, lots more to go

As weeks went by every week with a new subject my opinion changed frequently sometimes on one topic and others in all of what we learned, changed my mind on the importance of the week’s subjects. I can not name one specific “most important” subject from the things we learned throughout  the weeks, specially since they were all of great importance and each one of them plays a part in what I’m about to say.

The most important thing I learned in this class is how much effort has to be put in things in order to get everything right, no matter how successful your business is, you will always have problems and sometimes you’ll get stuck on them, but nowadays just as we learned there are tons of solutions to our problems like how much you can improve your business just by dividing groups in a more functional way or the many existing ways on how to raise money for a cause or a project like donating or lending or even the more direct subject like crowd sourcing were you can actually as for help from the world to solve or help with your problem and I also think that your relation with every person you work with should be always in shape, working with Solidaridad and being assigned to this challenge helped me realize how big of a role a good online workplace has on a organization or a company, how big of a mess things will be if you don’t communicate with your co-workers. These things are all what I judge, to be the most importante things I learned during this class.

I could talk about every design principle some more than the others because they are all there for a reason, they are important for everything to go right and smooth, but I think the top ones would be, simplicity and maintainability, maintaining a business is always an challenge, maintainability was a key aspect for me because it has a lot in it depending on the way you see it, for you to maintain you also need to be efficient, consistent, readable, timeless, balanced, flexible and a lot more things so it really is a broad term and simplicity because there are many ways to go wrong by adding to many things, keeping it simple is usually the best option for many subjects and projects. And also be innovative and different, you can maintain something consistent, something that works, something safe, but without risks at some point your business is going to be boring and old so you sometimes need to take more risks and be flexible in order to be efficient, timeless or long lasting. What happends to solidaridad is kind of what I said, they are a great organization but they got to a point where they need to do something new with their intranet to get the attention of the global workers to come and work all together and not depend on separate online networks.


That’s it people, last one

Thanks for Reading my posts


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Final Week

This Week’s class

It finally week 8, final week to prepared and complete our presentations. We were given a presentation on ways to present our work but group 6 is one step of the game. Our presentation and script is near completion but we came across one issue. We recently discovered that the length of the presentation has to be maximum of 5 minutes but we preparing to present a 10 minute presentation. We had to restructure and reduce our content to fit into a 5 minute time period. We also assessed out current presentation and realized it was not very original as we just used a popular template, so we came up with a more original theme that will fit nicely with the reduced content we now have. Because our presentation has to be a developing story, our new idea is to have a train ride and each section of our presentation will be divided into train stations until we get to our final destination. We are also working on using animations to make it more interactive and enhance the experience of our viewers.

Class was very productive, as we all seemed to be more motivated to finally complete this project. We all had our certain task to complete. We had some reducing the current script, others finalizing the proposed advice and myself with Gregory were generating ideas and creating our new presentation format. Final task is to record the narrator’s voice and put it over it and fit our reduced content onto our new presentation platform.

Through your research, what is the one most important thing you have learned about using online communities and networks in innovative design?

From the 8 weeks, the most important theme or idea that I have meant is to take advantage of online communities and network. I believe to be successful you have to start to develop your online community before advancing with your project.

It is apparent that your online community is just as or even more important than your offline community. The new world and society are rapidly advancing and moving into the cloud within the digital age. It has become mandatory to seek your customers, stakeholders and other community members over the World Wide Web. It allows for another method to hear from more customers and stakeholders. You always have the ability to communicate and share with your online community where and when ever. Because of the shear size of the Internet, your audience is greater and has the capability to always grow at an unprecedented rate with the aid social media (communicating and sharing). With this greater audience, the chances of success are higher as your ideas become for accessible and help is always there. It is almost like a free marketing fool. You are provided with a rich, vibrant and versatile society giving you a greater option of choice. It doesn’t matter what method (crowdsourcing, crowd funding online marketing) is used to aid your project, the main message is to use them to their full potential with the aid of online communities and networks. It is a faster, simpler and more accessible method of connecting with your community. I believe that this is the future of successful innovative design and development.

Considering all you have learned and experienced through our classroom time and your work for your clients, what are your design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks? Don’t know what design principles are?

Even though the community is over the Internet, it is important to understand that technology does not develop communities but helps create a framework that shapes the community toward the specific goal. My design principles that I would implement include: Maintainability, Accessibility and Simplicity.

All product and services require updated and improving, as the design process is a cyclical procedure. Too keep your current customer base and grow your community at the same time, advances have to be applied at a regular bases to enhance your product. This will develop your online community and will request your community to keep on asking for more.

Accessibility is an important principle as this determines how easy it will be for your community to get their hands on your product. The more accessible your product is, the larger your community will be.

Simplicity is a major factor that must be taken into consideration when trying to develop your online community. Customers are not willing to in effort to learn how to use your product, so the simpler your product is, the rate in which your community with grow will increase.

Advice for next year students

The beginning might be confusing and unclear, Try to get a grip on what the task as soon as possible. Ask your tutor as any question as you can as they will guide you though most of the course. Since there will be a great number of members in each team, set yourselfs roles and targets. The key is to be vocal and communicate with your group member and tutor and much as possible. Learn to work as a collective team.

As this is the last blog for this module, I like to say thanks to my fellow group members for putting in their effort and working collectively together. Also thank you Maarten for helping us with your advice and guiding us through is project.

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This Is It !

We’re almost done, and surprisingly I’m not as stressed as two weeks ago, relating to the project for our NGO. Since we realized, that this is the final spurt, we try to get the best out of each other to finish this project with an excellent and reach our goal in time.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

-Henry Ford - credits to

I really do hope, our Video and Advices can help Maarten, and accordingly Solidaridad. In the past weeks, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to deliver our insights and ideas in an informative and understandable way. But this week’s blogpost is about our reference to using online communities and networks in innovative design

Well, I’m sure that each theme we’ve been through during our project, is important and useful in it’s own way. A design process is set up with a lot of impacts and steps, but the most important thing is the financing of a project. It’s strange, for me to say that money is the most important factor of realizing a design project because actually I think it’s not the key to success. 


Still, money enables an innovator to afford all the required things to start with an projects. The materials, the right people, the manufacturing are all important things but cost you money. 

Before Project Community I didn’t knew what crowdfunding is good for, and how it could help in a design process. Ever since, I concern myself more with crowdfunding, I noticed that a lot of people in my circle of acquaintances is already using crowdfunding. Like this project from two young film directors from frankfurt (my hometown) who need money to realize their documentary film about the gangs of frankfurt in the early 90s, and my cousin is one of the protagonists.

In exchange for contributing, the supporters get benefits like the DVD or even invitation as a VIP-guest at the premier. 

The next part of my blogpost is about design principles for an online community or network. During our project we had to comb through various websides and do researches. For me the old-fashioned quote 'less is more' counts most ! It is easier to orient oneself on a webside with an easy and simple layout. I prefer pale and light colors in web designs, because it looks more professional. In addition the focus is just on the main message of the webside and is not distracted by too strong colors. Since I set high value on aesthetic, it is a large impact for me in web design. Though I like mystery and brainteaser sometimes, in this case,  clear and understandable content is important. At least honesty - in my opinion it is crucial in design. Creating something without believing in it, will lead to an unsatisfying result. If you’re not being honest with what you do, you won’t market it; you won’t reach the people. Being honestly will make the people believe in what you do and none of them can be disappointed. 

To get to the end of this very last blogpost I would like to use the space for some insights and advices for the upcoming next years IDE students. In the beginning we were an confused, scattered crowd without a clue what to do and how. But I can see a progress and development concerning our way of working. My tip would be to set up goals within your projects. It helps to have a project done, step by step. So you can continue when everything is clear. 

credits to

A clear structure and routines are necessary, while working in a group needs a distinct system. Our weekly meetings with or without our tutor were very helpful, since questions and issues can be solved. Take your time to get used to everything but try to put your energy in your teamwork because otherwise you won’t be satisfied in the end. Instead of trying to do everything at once, try to do it step by step. Imagine it like a staircase - you can never reach the door at the end of the staircase with just one step. 

credits to

Thanks for reading or browsing my blog, i hope I can reach people out there who gain insights from my blogposts and support my ideas. 

credits to

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One World, One Web

It’s already the last week of Project Community and so this is the last blog post. By looking back at the beginning of this project I was extremely confused and I had no idea of how we should go about this challenge. Now, when we are at the very end, I feel almost stupid as how disorganized and chaotic I went on about it in the beginning. I think that if my group and I could start over with this project now, we could probably make an exceptional project. However, we can’t do that, we simply have to deal with the mistakes we did in the beginning and learn from them. But our struggles each week did actually pay off as we now managed to come up with our end video… Or at least we will finish it by the end of this week!

So, every week we have gone through different topics; crowdsourcing, technology stewardship, work teams, marketing…And what do all these have in common? - The concept of sharing ideas, collaborating and communication between people from all over the world. The online communities and networks that exist today are all about this idea and we use this social aspect to innovate and solve many of the contemporary complex problems that we face every day. The most important thing I have learnt about using online communities and networks in innovative design is therefore the concept of SHARING.


I believe that what we are looking for today in design or the creative process is to accept people’s own ability to create their own solution instead of basing it on their need for help or a new product. I don’t think that we should focus on designing new products but instead use these design methods (design principles) together with the rest of society to create new services that can change people’s life for the better. This is at the same time building a more sustainable future, as if people engage each other, share their ideas, give feedback etc. then communities can grow by themselves. These communities and, let’s say, collaborative services that we have been looking at are not based on any particular technology, but function of existing technology, especially information technology that connects people and other artifacts; particularly the Internet. This technology allows for people to collaborate, synchronize, share customize and so on. All this ties together with the terms we have worked with during this project, such as crowdsourcing and crowd-funding. 


Our groups NGO, Solidaridad, are looking for a social platform that has these kinds of attributes. A way to collaborate, communicate and share ideas and so let “a development cycling of continuous improvement and experience”.

 “Inclusive Design is where innovation and imagination flourish. Meeting the needs of the widest variety of people does not inhibit creativity. It opens our minds and inspires excellence.”

I truly agree with this quote from Sandi Wassmer and her Ten Principles of Inclusive Web Design. I think this links together with the “sharability” world that we live in and how to use online communities and networks in innovative design. With the use of online communities we can easily access information; we can open our mind to other people’s way of thinking and so get new flourishing inspirations. 

What I would tell the next year’s class about the course? Don’t freak out in the beginning as it might seem confusing and unclear. Instead tackle it with Nancy White’s word – confusiasm! Things will become clearer as long as you work with your team and your tutor. Ask questions. And be open to different ways of thinking. It is only now by the end of the project that I have realized how much I have actually learned and that I can take this with me through the rest of the IDE program. Firstly, I will be an experienced team player. Working together in a group of nine is very challenging, but because of the “work teams” week I have learnt the most efficient ways around those challenges. Secondly, by working towards helping an NGO, we increased our understanding of how it is to work with a client and meet their needs …And thirdly, I have gained a lot of insight into the online community world. This very valuable knowledge is part of the future and how we actually more often communicate with each other. 

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Woohhoo finally!! :D

We have finally arrived at the end of the course which is very exciting especially for myself. WOOHOO !!!!


The most important thing about online communities and network in innovative design is COMMUNICATION. It is all about communication. You don’t know you ask. When you have an idea, speak up. When you feel something is wrong, speak up. When you think the answer is right, ask first because you don’t know how they perceive it as they live in different part of the world.

And, that is the tricky part because communicating via online is difficult. Sometimes the internet running slow, sometimes time differences is confusing. Sometimes I’ve researched for an idea for days and turns out what I do is wrong because the information was perceived differently. The only way it can be succeeded is by perfect communication between both parties. No other way.

My own design principles for designing and fostering online communities are :

Tolerance: Since our group and clients came from different part of the world we have to be tolerant to others. For instance, we all speak in Universal language, English, to everyone even though some of the members came from the same country. This design principle leads to a perfect communication but although, sometimes some people misinterpret the information and that is the challenge for each of us.

Decentralisation: Eventhough we have a leader in the group, doesn’t mean that he/she is the one who controls everything. Each of the member have a right to talk and speak up for an idea. And leader doesn’t necessarily means that he/she is always the one who decide what’s right and what’s wrong.

For those in the next year’s class, I hope you guys enjoy the program since it is very challenging (personally) and the key to success is communication. Don’t be shy to speak up to your group mates and always manage the time as time flies nowadays and it felt so fast that we’ve arrived at the end of the course. 8 weeks feels like a blink of an eye. Last but not least, you guys have to produce something better than what we did.


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The end.

How weird, the last blog for project communities… I remember the first one like it was yesterday… How new it all was and how nervous and unsure was I to post it… Anyway, it was a fun experience and hopefully I will not forget my Tumblr account in the future. But enough with the sentiments lets go to this week’s topic…

While using online communities and networks in innovative design I’ve learned that simplicity is the key to brilliance and I am saying this not only as an IDE student but also as an ordinary user. Who likes difficulties? NO ONE! So why make the life even harder than it already is and create fancy schmancy, hard to understand things? I don’t need to look for examples far away, even our school likes torturing students by having all these online communities and networks that students need to follow and keep up to date with the information posted. I would appreciate a piece of paper in the beginning of the year with my schedules and one site where I would see what’s for homework and when various deadlines are. How simple would that be? And we wouldn’t need,,, and 3 facebook groups. As Plato said: ‘’Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity.”

My principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks would be: minimalism, accessibility and convenience. All networks that I use share these three principles and I love it. To be honest when I enter websites which are overloaded with information or hard to use, I just turn them off because I get tired and bored very quickly.  Also it is important to use right text, images, layout, bars and even colors because all this can depend on whether the network will be a success or failure.  

To end this blog I would like to say big THANK YOU for Maarten, for guiding, tutoring and advising us through Project Communities. Also my groupmates who were patient and understanding and let’s not forget all the course students and tutors who were very helpful and caring. It was fun and useful experience, so I look forward to more projects! But firstly there are some tips for perspective students:

Dear future students,

Don‘t forget to buy all the strips and then sell it for double or triple price, if you will get an assignment to make a necklace on an introduction week. Just kidding! To answer question what would I tell next year students about Project Communities I have to answer one question for myself: What would I do differently if I had a chance to start all over again? Besides being more involved and doing more work probably nothing… Even though I catch myself thinking pretty often what if the last minute I wouldn’t have gone from team 4 to 6 (Our group was made from one person from each team). But probably it turned out for the best because I met 8 amazing people, with different talents and personalities. What tips would I give to prospective students? Be prepared! I don’t want to freak them out but I felt like a puppy thrown into the water in order to learn how to swim… There is an enormous difference between high school and university especially if we compare East Europe to West. 2 months have passed and I still feel lost and uncertain what should I do… But the bright side is that you will learn one word that would perfectly describe the mixed feeling you will have inside you- CONFUSIASM!!! 

Good luck! 

Xx Elena

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I ve learned a lot from this course.I learned a lot during this course. I discovered a lot for myself for example, work as a team, some social networks, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Just in real life, I’ve never encountered this, so I was a little confusing with some of the topics, but thanks to my team I understood everything. 

I think that the most important part  are networks of any project, whether it is design. Because that’s where possible to communicate with people, ask them for their advice and opinions. Also you can find people who will invest in you the money or become part of your project. Of course, we used the network in our project group. We have done extensive research on the net. And this course based on networks. I personally learnt  that there is such a huge space of differen knowledge on network and if you will learn how to use and find information there you will get all benefits from using it. 

If I add up all the things I learned on this course together, I’ll highlight 3 important principles in the design.

Working in a team

I have found teamwork to be the most helpful. Group work is the basis on which we make our ideas, planning our work to follow the process.Becomes much easier to complete the project successfully, if there is a group in which all respect each other, trying to help and there is a goal that must be achieved.



Understandable definition: capable of being understood.The content or operation cannot be beyond their understanding.As a designer you need to do a lot of research to study the project or problem from all sides. he should understand this topic.


Brevity is the soul of wit.The main task of the designer is to make life easier for people.


The most good tip for future student is dont afraid to tell your ideas to your classmates, because sometimes it could be the best idea ever and you miss it.

Thanks for reading my blog posts.



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is it finale ?

Hello everyone !

Only 2 weeks left till the end of our project. We’ve learned a lot of things during these 2 months. But the main thing about this project was teamwork. We understood how to work in a group and how to share out thoughts with each other. We became friends with each other.In my opinion the most important topic, related to our project was crowdsourcing. We asked our tutor , we asked Maarten, we asked people around what do they think about our ideas. They gave us feedback and we improved our work. 

In my point of view , everyone/everything is important during the project. If someone is missing, we can not work in full force. I don’t think that the “Leader” role in a team in that important. At first, we decided that Martin will be the Leader, but then Ihsan shifted all the responsibility. And then Nikita started being superproductive and responsible for the team. Anyway I think that everyone is important and significant.

We have to work hard for the next 2 weeks. We have to work on our presentation. I think that everyone had already imagined in mind how it will look. But then there is a very important next step : materialisation and performing. Here marketing can help a lot. We have to introduce our final idea to Solidaridad and we have to show all at its best, to present all the values of our precious project.

Anyway, teamwork plays the key role in achieving success. 

Rays of Love,


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