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Use of networks

Hello everyone!

This is my third blog entry about how i use networks.

My network consists basically out of my friends. We meet and share information with different digital tools. Mainly we use Facebook, Skype or Whatsapp. Normally I am just a “consumer” and observer of informations and content in the internet and not a creator. Till now I do not share my knowledge in forums or other community platforms. Also I am very niggardly with comments under youtube videos or blog entries. I do not really know why I do not like to write comments, but probably it is because I like to stay hidden in internet. However I know this is not possible, but I do not like to share my thoughts in the public space. It is very infrequent that I write a comment. I only write comments, if I think that a person writes very deceptive and false content. For example in political or music issues.

Like I mentioned, I like to read in forums in which topics I am interested in. These forums have a huge value for me, because I can read and learn from people, which are experts in their issue or just share their experience. In addition forums offer the possibility to get informations to a special topic from strangers. Normally I share a lot of knowledge with my real friends. But the internet makes the exchange of information with strangers possible in a easy way.

Another value cyber platform for me are blogs. There you have the possibility also to read personal experience and knowledge about an issue where you are interested. Often blogs are very personal written and also funny to read. Besides that you have the chance to get information as one of the first persons.

I really enjoy reading in blogs and forums, because you get the information you are interested in.

But it needs some time to get a good “list” of blogs. When you have such a list it is easy to dig more blogs with good and fresh content. I am a little lazy to read other blogs, so I normally stay at my four, five “home” blogs.

In conclusion the most value platforms for me are blogs and forums. Also I will start to increase the circle of my blogs, which are more design based. Furthermore I would like to try more to be more a creator and share my knowledge in forums and blogs. It already started with this blog!

Whish you a nice and enjoyable evening!

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Week 3: Technology Stewardship and use during the course


First of all i want to look back to the last week of work in my Group. We did the first steps to work effectively. However we did not really know what everybody should do. Therefore it is important that everybody know his role and is doing his best to fill out the position. Furthermore it is important that everybody takes responsibility for his role and that there is a also a point in time, when everybody shares his knowledge with the group.

Now i want to write something about my cyber identity.

I am using only a few social platforms frequently. The platform I use most is Facebook. However i do not use my real name at Facebook because i do not want that everybody finds me there. But i think the people which want to find me there, will find me anyway. Facebook is important for me because it is the easiest way to keep in touch with friends. Furthermore you are always informed about people, you do not meet often in real life. Besides that, there is the problem, that some people create their fake personality in the internet. So its always good not only to trust the information you get from Facebook.

Other online platforms i like to use are different types of forums. For example i like to read in a german surf forum for personal informations about surfing. In this forum I get good information and can ask special questions, which i get answered by ”experts“. I appreciate this kind of getting knowledge or information about a special topic, because it is very personal.

Also i read blogs about topics where i am interested in. There you got personal information about a special topic, and often the writing style of the author is really funny.There are so many blogs in the internet to every topic. The blogs I read create partly my digital identity, because that blogs are about the topics where I am interested in. I am mainly interested in blogs about electronic music, funny stuff, design, street art and youth culture.

Besides this social platforms there are many other „sharing tools“ like Soundcloud, twitter or youtube. Soundcloud and youtube are good platforms for listening new music or watching videos. Especially for electronic music. Soundcloud is a good platform for young music creators to share there productions and projects and show them a huge publicity.

Till now my only digital skill in using a program is using Photoshop and Ableton live for playing live music via a midi hardware.

In conclusion I like the fact that every platform gives you the possibility to show your thoughts, music or projects to a huge publicity. This is a big possibility for our and the following generations to make the world better!


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Felix's Creative Blog