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Wake up!

Hello everybody!

First of all I want to tell you want I liked the last weeks and especially the week. Last week It felt like the ice would break. There was a discussion about the split of the group for different tasks. I really enjoyed this discussion because there was something like criticism in a constructive way. Also I like our work with google drive and google hangout. We use google drive to upload our documents and results and everybody from our group has access to them. Another tool we use for our group work is google hangout. We had a cyber meeting, where everybody of the group took part. This meeting worked well and there was no technical problems. However I like it more to meet in real life because it feels more personal and you better see the reactions of the people you speak to. One good tool I like to share (Think Miriam has already shared this in our facebook group, but this tool is really cool) is doodle. With this online page you can find easily a time, when you can meet up. This tool works well with a lot of people and you can easily find out when the most people have time. I used this tool a lot in my past to find the perfect date for a meeting. Try it!

Now I want to speak about the “problems” in our group. The first problem I feel in this group is, that nobody wants to take the lead and furthermore the responsible. I think this do not have to be a problem in a group work, because I do not belief that a group needs always a leader. However it is necessary that everybody knows what to do in the group. And this is the main problem. There is to much confusion about the split of tasks in our group, that the process of group work is slow. There should be more dynamic in our group. With dynamic I mean discussions and criticism in a constructive way. We already started with this kind of dynamic, however this should be much more.

About the group size I think, that it is better do work with less then 4 people on new ideas, because otherwise it could be to chaotic. I am a fan of splitting up the tasks for 2 or maximum 3 people. So everybody can focus on his tasks and share the results later with the whole group. In my opinion is this the best way for a successful group work.

Therefore we should attack the problems in the way, that we start discussions and criticize in a constructive way if there is something somebody do not like or has a other opinion. Another point I would like to change is, that I think that there are to much laptops and mobile phones in our meeting. We should start focusing on our tasks and use the mobile phones and laptops only for the tasks. If we use less our electronic stuff we have to talk to each other. And this is one of the most important points in group work. I do not think that our cultural background has much influence on our group work. However I like and maybe need to work very structured and planned (Maybe because I am german, but I think it is more a streak.). Another point is that I often feel that people are very carefully with criticism. I do not really know why, but maybe it is because we do not know each other so well. I know that it could be hard to tell somebody criticism, but now is the time. We need to wake up!

Looking forward, Felix

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