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Imagine of solution!


First of all i think that every theme we have been looking so far is important for solving the unmet need of the Gogorobí Foundation. However I think the most important themes are crowdfunding as one of the needs of the Gogorobí Foundation is fundraising.

Why is crowdfunding so important for the Gogorobí Foundation? Crowdfunding offers the possibility to make events and keep the foundation “alive” with money since one of our goals is to find a solution for the fundraising of the Gogorobí Foundation. People can spent a small amount of money to a project of the Gogorobí Foundation via a crowdfunding platform to support the Gogorobí Foundation with money. Also it is good if the Gogorobí Foundation has projects on a crowdfunding platform because it is one kind of cheap or free advertisement. People get informed about the project and the aims of the Gogorobí Foundation. The Gogorobí Foundation should use the advantage of the internet and crowdfunding platforms, to easily reach a lot of people which a willing to do something “good” and donate for a cultural project.

Another point is, if donators see that the projects really takes place because of there donation, they are maybe willing to pay also to another project because they are happy about there help for the success of the Gogorobí Foundation.

So in short the 3 reasons for using crowdfunding

  • Getting money for projects

  • Cheap advertisement

  • Emotional connection of donators

In my opinion the advertisement and marketing of the NGO will play a key role. It is necessary to make the Gogorobí Foundation more attractive for potential supporters to spend money for a project. Therefore the Gogorobí Foundation should better point out what they are doing. Furthermore they should upload more “catching” material like videos or music records at social platforms like facebook or youtube. Also I think the website of them need a rework since the layout looks very frumpy and is not available in english.

My solution would be to rework the public image and make it more “catchy”. Therefore they should rework the website of them and also the facebook page. People which a randomly come to this sides should be getting interested in this side because of audio records,videos or pictures. However I think they should go step buy step and try to do one really good event which shows who they are and what they do.This event should be documented .So they can use this event for continuing advertising on social platforms and especially refer at the next crowdfunding events to this one light bulb moment!


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