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Honorableness, simplicity and understanding


The most important thing I learned about using online communities and networks is, that there so many possibilities of online communities and networks, but not every possibility fits to your project. So you have to decide from case to case, which community or network works best for your design project. First you have to get a general idea of the different possibilities of this networks. For me this step was the most important in our design project, to figure out what fits best. Also I learned that online communities and networks are a great platform to public innovative design. However it is hard work to keep people interested in your design projects. Therefore you need a good presentation of your project.

I would like to highlight three design principles for designing and fostering online communities or networks.

My first design principle is honorableness. Good design needs to me honest. The customer or user needs to trust the community, otherwise he would not take interest in the community.

The second principle is simplicity. Customers or users should have the possibility to take easily part in the network or community without obstacles.

And the third principle is understanding. The customers or users need to understand what the community or network is for, otherwise they will not take part in this network. The reasons or aims have to be clear.

In the end I would like to say some last words our group work. I gained definitely some ideas, how to do better in group work and project management like better divide of tasks and more clear aims. However I like our work with “google drive”. This website offered us the possibility to share easily documents with all group members. I think in next group works this tool will be very useful. Now I am looking forward to our video!


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