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8th Week

I found out that I still cannot use them. Though I am born in a digital native era, I never found technology interesting. But know I am a proud Tumblr-Blogger. But in comparison with my knowledge from before, I can say that using these types of networks are pretty handy if you are trying to work in a big group like a class. But for personal reasons or even in a company I would not wok this way. I like it oldschool with paper and pen, communicating by talking and maybe more innovative.

My design principles would be the same principals I have for life:

Respect the elders, in this case the big designers and their style.

Take your time.

Work hard, try not to be satisfied with the first draft ‘keep designing ‘keep innovating.

‘’Fortis Fortuna adiuvat’’ , Fortune helps the strong, in this case ‘’Luck is usually on the side of those who take risks’’ and by that I mean trying hard and risking will reward you.

Try working in groups to achieve maximum creativity.


Dear future IDE student, please pay attention in class and do not get distracted to much by the free good wifi. J But joke aside, it is very important to get the most out of the classes and do that by listening but even if you not sure about something ask immediately the teacher. And the most important thing is ‘’Time Management’’. If you do not start you work early you might end up with too much work. Try to do soething for every subject everyweek a little bit and you will be rewarded again.

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Looking back at all themes that we have discussed and discovered, I can tell, that when it goes to online communities and using them in innovative designing, I have learnt a lot.

First of all, I got to know how they work and how useful it is to be a part of an online community. When you ‘belong’ to one, your life and work as a designer, can be easier and more efficient. You can get many information, help and support. People, who are interested in the same subject that you are, are part of the community you belong to, are willing to help, share their knowledge and experience, which may help you in creating very innovative designs.

I was really surprised by the fact, that so many people use online communities and networks to improve their work. Even simple research or asking a few question to right people can give you many insights and ameliorate your design. They also help you to start with the project, to know what are your ‘ideal clients’ expectations and needs. I think that if you want your design to be succesful, it is really important to be aware of existing online communities, how important they are in innovative design and how can you use those making your designs.

When it goes to design principles and adapting them to online communities, I think that the most important is to make the design simple, easy in use and nice for the eye. If the design itself has to many ‘options’ and ‘possibilities’ it may become too complicated to use, which may couse people’s aversion and they may not be willing to use those. That is why, I think that combining simple but effective project with elegant appearance is the most important.

To the next year students:

The course itself may teach you a lot. You will probably feel confused for first 4 weeks, but do not worry, it has happened before. During project community classes, you will learn how to work for a real client, how to create and design the solutions that he/she needs, but first of all you will learn how to start all that procces. What is also very important, you will be forced to work in teams, which is something, that shows how important is that you have people around you, who have the same goals but may have different ideas.It teaches you how to work not by your own, but with others, how to share ideas, agree or disagree with them, argument your rights, divide your work into every members of team, do assignments on time, be responsible for all team, not only for yourself. And that is what I will ‘take with me’ as the course ends. I am really happy that I have learnt so much and I am proud of my team and my teammates as we are getting our project done.


Do not waste your time on doing nothing, trust me, start doing things, as early as possible and do not wait for answers from your client (assuming you have some) because it may never come and the project has to be done anyway. I will also focus more on the teamwork itself, at the beginning of the  project, not at the end, as we have done this year.

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Project Communities

Good evening,

This week’s blog will be focusing on what has been learned from the course so far.

To begin with, through the weekly process of learning we were able to understand how the different stages of a project should be done. However, the most important aspect I have learned, is regarding how vital for the designers’ work the networking and the proper use of social media are.

So far, the globalization has been increasing and the society has been capable to reach all kind of information for no time and share even larger amount of information. I learned how important our online presence is and that it can always be developed and improved, depending on the its target group.

The design principles for raising online community I have developed during course would be:

  1. Focus on the community’s unmet needs and wants.

Making sure that you understand your community and its requirements would allow you to focus on what is important better and develop it well. Without a clear view, of what is vital for your community, it is impossible to achieve success.

  1. See the “big picture”.

Looking at a particular problem is good, however understanding the cause of it and looking into it from different perspective is also integral part of the designers’ work.

  1. Say what you want to say in simple way.

One should spread his/her message clear and simple. The target group should be able to understand it fast and easy.

 In order to have one positive experience from the course, I would advise next year students to take action and get involved with the project as much as they can. Since, the work has been done for real companies, student have the chance to bring their work to the next level and get involved with actual businesses and NGOs. I would say that it is very important to do your desk research well, so you would have the chance to make better decisions. The course will help you to improve your team work skills and will shed some light of how to proper use the internet space, things that are important for the designers nowadays. 



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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Iliya Elenski

Thats a Wrap

I have learnt that even though online communities can sound like just a digital space, it couldn’t be any more human. Each time we interact online we shape it, explore it, and communicate with others without time or distance being of issue. The Internet has connected us like never before and allows the individual to be empowered by information, by ideas, by a movement.  I walk away with the idea that the most effective online spaces are framed with the end user in mind, operating the way someone would intuitively think. I see digital communities as a bigger version of the teams we have been operating in and have a clearer view of the communicative and operational struggles groups go through when trying to achieve a task.

There are many principles of design that go into a product, however, some I feel are more important than others with regards online communities and networks. For example, accessibility, if less people can access the platform or it is difficult for them, the weaker the network is. Efficiency is paramount to achieve things within a desirable time frame and to create more results with less effort. Finally, as I mentioned before, good design makes the product understandable, for if you are not able to do this no matter how innovative or well detailed the product is, it will never be used.

Before this class I never considered how useful and how powerful online networks can be and will use them in future as a valuable resource, as I hope the students after me will find also. The best advice that I can give future students is to be organized, communicative and present. Time management is imperative as the project is spread over 9 weeks, and although this seems like plenty of time in the beginning, the panic sets in as you get closer to the end.  One of the biggest challenges in this class is effective team coordination so be very open about team communication from the very first day. The last and most obvious piece of advise I offer is to simply make sure that you show up to class and your group’s meetings and things will go a lot easier and smoother for you and your team. Best of luck to the new class, hope you have as much fun as we did!

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1 Down, lots more to go

As weeks went by every week with a new subject my opinion changed frequently sometimes on one topic and others in all of what we learned, changed my mind on the importance of the week’s subjects. I can not name one specific “most important” subject from the things we learned throughout  the weeks, specially since they were all of great importance and each one of them plays a part in what I’m about to say.

The most important thing I learned in this class is how much effort has to be put in things in order to get everything right, no matter how successful your business is, you will always have problems and sometimes you’ll get stuck on them, but nowadays just as we learned there are tons of solutions to our problems like how much you can improve your business just by dividing groups in a more functional way or the many existing ways on how to raise money for a cause or a project like donating or lending or even the more direct subject like crowd sourcing were you can actually as for help from the world to solve or help with your problem and I also think that your relation with every person you work with should be always in shape, working with Solidaridad and being assigned to this challenge helped me realize how big of a role a good online workplace has on a organization or a company, how big of a mess things will be if you don’t communicate with your co-workers. These things are all what I judge, to be the most importante things I learned during this class.

I could talk about every design principle some more than the others because they are all there for a reason, they are important for everything to go right and smooth, but I think the top ones would be, simplicity and maintainability, maintaining a business is always an challenge, maintainability was a key aspect for me because it has a lot in it depending on the way you see it, for you to maintain you also need to be efficient, consistent, readable, timeless, balanced, flexible and a lot more things so it really is a broad term and simplicity because there are many ways to go wrong by adding to many things, keeping it simple is usually the best option for many subjects and projects. And also be innovative and different, you can maintain something consistent, something that works, something safe, but without risks at some point your business is going to be boring and old so you sometimes need to take more risks and be flexible in order to be efficient, timeless or long lasting. What happends to solidaridad is kind of what I said, they are a great organization but they got to a point where they need to do something new with their intranet to get the attention of the global workers to come and work all together and not depend on separate online networks.


That’s it people, last one

Thanks for Reading my posts


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Project Communities: Accomplishment

This is our last week of Project Communities and we are currently working on production of the video for our NGO. We are going to present our advice and explain our points visually. We have to work really carefully to transfer our thoughts in a presentative way so that our client will be consulted properly and satisfied with the designed solutions.

There is also another thing… What I think that is important about using online communities and networks in innovative design. WIth the advent of the Internet, the way people work has changed cardinally. All new features allow to implement the plans easier so they leave more time for us to analyze and come up with new ideas. And one more point… the most essential tip for any kind of the project you carry out - finding the appropriate and convenient online tool for your specific strategy.

Personally I’ve learnt a lot from our Monday classes and team work throughout the whole process. To be brief, they are collaboration skills, Project Management attainments and Online Update. It used to seem to me that I have a complete picture about how Social Network works. However, I have been wrong because after this course I’ve found out to myself that is a way more global and vast community with more opportunities to be united and also realize your business purposes.

Facing everything I have been gaining during these weeks I can point out the most important Design Principle is

Good design is innovative

Regarding Vitsœ’s Good Design Principles, the possibilities for innovation are not, by any means, exhausted. Technological development is always offering new opportunities for innovative design. But innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative technology, and can never be an end in itself. So even if we are talking about Project for our NGO, what they have been lack of is innovation. That is what we are going to upgrade Gogorobi Foundation with. 

For those who are going to study this course next year, I would say that it is mistaken to be afraid of it in the beginning and find it confusing. Keep in mind that it is all about communication, teamwork and brainstorming and you will do it successfully. A one really good tip I would mention is team’s collaboration organizing. It would be better to decide on the style of the way your group will work and split the roles from the outset. Be more dynamic!

Project Communities course has attracted me to cooperation which is definitely going to help me with my path through IDE Program.

Thank you for reading!


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Looking into themes which we were discovering, getting to know and discussing, I think that the one, which could help us (our NGO) the most, would be crowdsourcing.

As the challenge is to improve the platform which they are using to exchange information, experiences and knowledge, between those ten centres all over the world, I think that crowdsourcing could be very helpful to us.

First reason, why I chose crowdsourcing is that it allows to collect information, ideas from others and may be used via internet. If we want our project to target some specific group, or if we have to solve some of problems that community has, crowdsourcing can be used. It gives us opportunity to get to know what the problem is, how it should be solved and what are people’s expectations and actual needs.

Second one, is that, by crowdsourcing we can get needed services. In our case, the platform which NGO is using, has been already stated and created. But if we had to decide on our own and actually create one, I think that we could always turn to (for example) some online community, which would like to helps us in creating one.In that way, we could get a service done by people who care about the project and have needen knowledge and experience.

Third one, may be fact that crowdsourcing also helps to ‘start’ companies or charities, in that case NGO. You can get information about what is needed, what and how  should be done. Let’s say that somewhere in the world, there is a problem with (again, for example) supply chains, people do not have money, knowledge and resources to produce those in the sustainable way, but have good conditions to do so. By crowdsourcing, you can get to know, that the problem exists, find people who the problem concerns and also those, who want to change the situation. In that way a large community can be established and even  an organization willing to ‘fight’ with the problem.

Starting the project, the most important thing for us was to get answers to our questions, which we had to the NGO itself. We wanted to know, how the system of communication works now, what are their main problems, what works well, what should be improved etc. We needed information to know exactly how the result of the project should look like, what we are expected to do. We did not have enough time to ‘crowdsource’ all the information on our own, so we decided to ask Maarten, but we still have not recived the answers, so we simply based our work on assumptions that we have done.

Our solution to the problems they have will be a project of the platform, proposition of how it should look like, what options it should have, what type of information would it give, how could people find what they need or want to find, also how, where they can add things that they have done (experiences and knowledge). We decided that this is the best way to have the assignment done. As we had to face with problems like lack of communication, user’s friendliness and user’s experience, we think that giving them a design of platform which is esay to use, simple but professional will be the best option. We will also do a report (essay) giving the information why and how we decided to do things in that particular way, and what influenced our decisions.

There is some time left. so we are still working on it and improving, to make it the best :).

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Reflection on WorkShop Sessions

To begin with, everything we have been learning during the classes so far is giving positive reflection on our group work. I am not surprise, since the aim of this course is to give us directions and clues of how to work with NGOs and shed some light over different topics regarding our projects.

For me every lesson is valuable as long as it is learned. It is hart to line up and try to give a grade to what we have learned, since each theme covers different, vital for the outcome of the process, aspect. However, in my point of view, one of the most beneficial themes, a theme that has increased the creativity of our team and has improved our abilities, is the one about the group sizes.

Since we have relatively large group, consisting of 8 members, in the beginning we had difficulties in distributing the work properly. We did not have an idea, considering the proper use of our group size. Having better understanding on how to divide tasks and how to preserve the diversity of a group, really improved our process.

For example, we are splitting in small groups of two people, if there is a demand for creative, new ideas. Knowing the efficiency of the small group, helped us and now we are able to come up with large number of ideas for little time. Another example is: when we are aiming in developing certain greater tasks, we are forming bigger groups of 3-4 people, as we know, that larger groups work better on further development of a task. I also learned, that there is no impracticable group member, there is incompetent or unrealistic task distribution. Every team unit could be useful, if one is able to find the most proper way of using each member.

I am really happy with the result of this specific topic on our team. I believe, that group size theme is the method that gave the most visible and significant repercussion on the functioning of our group. Therefore, this method will be the one, which has given the larger push towards our final goal. By functioning better, our group was able to come up with larger number, higher quality ideas and to make use of the diversity of its size. We are able to finish tasks quicker and monitor the process better.

I want to share the final solution, which our group has been working on, however I prefer to keep that for the end. I do not want to spoil our story, so to speak. In my point of view, our strategy is pretty accurate, aligns and involves all aspects of the course so far and in the same time is pretty simple and easy to understand. I hope that we succeeded to find a common line between everything: client’s needs and wants, workshop classes and coach sessions and our task. I am really looking forward to finalizing our video and presenting it to you guys.

See you soon. Cheers!


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Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding nowadays

This week’s block will be focusing on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding and how these options reflect on designer’s career.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are becoming more and more popular and accessible methods for increasing your network and raising money. With the developing of the technologies it is relatively easy for individuals and businesses to attract new people and new capital for little time. Many different platforms are offering diverse ways of doing so online.

So far in the design world I noticed that it is pretty important to be able to create and develop network and be cable of raising money for future projects. As a designer it is not enough to be just involved with the design of a certain product, it is valuable skill the ability to find the right people and get funded.

Croudfunding and crowdsourcing have definitely many positive aspects. To begin with, with the globalization more and more people have access to these methods and therefore it is more likely to achieve something using it. For very short period of time one is able to reach large number of people and that is one really big advantage we can enjoy thanks to the internet.  By researching and looking at different campaigns one is able to compare, to learn and to be inspired from colleges. Due to all crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms many dreams have come true and people have been able to help and support each other. So, to summarize all pros of using the above mentioned methods I will say that it is: fast, accessible, cheap, reaches large number of people in no time, easy, user-friendly, helps to support, popular, there is constantly increasing interest in it, brings dreams to life.

However, negative aspects could be found about almost everything that surrounds us. In my opinion, all these pros regarding crowdsourcing and crowdfunding cast shadow on the little number of cons, I am aware of. With the current developments and the large number of competitors it becomes tougher and tougher to succeed and reach your goals using the online space. It is way more difficult to raise money via IndieGoGo for example than it was before. Another negative aspect is the fact that, in order to achieve something, one should put a lot of information regarding his/hers idea online, so it becomes easier for people to duplicate or steal ideas.  I cannot think of more cons concerning crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, in my point of view the positive aspects are way more.

That was all for this week. See you soon. Take care.

Kind Regards,


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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Iliya Elenski

Ask people

This week we sticked at crowdfunding networks. Crowdfunding is an application for collecting the funds through small contributions from many investors in order to finance a particular project or venture (defined by This is a concept of Crowdsoursing that we had explored earlier.

Crowdfunding platforms provide opportunities for anybody with Internet access to pitch an idea to their social network and to gather funding to realize their project. This is the easiest way to receive small contributions from people across the country and overseas. According to the latest measures, there are more than 2 billion people using Internet nowadays. 70% of them use it daily. How else if not through Networking platforms is it possible to request the funding  and raise a desired amount? We’ve learnt about different platforms such as,, and many others. they are all fairly easy to use and quite secure.

Design Solutions & Crowd

Talking about crowdsoursing and crowdfunding in design, there can be both advantages and disadvantages mentioned. These are the most essential ones i’ve thought of:


Relying on the crowdsoursing tools designers can get the feedback and ideas from a wide range of other designers with multifarious experiences and points of view across the country and overseas. They may find some unique idea or solution that would help with the project implementation.


When a person profits from somebody’s else creation it always comes to issues of Copyright. That’s why I think many designers intent to “go it alone” options. Moreover, design solution is something distinctive and special that makes a creator different from the others. It is a completely personal invention and that is why it’s meant to be so valuable. 

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