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Can the Net Help Find the Family That Lost This Camera?

Can the Net Help Find the Family That Lost This Camera?:

is this your camera?

You and your family were traveling into Toronto on August 13, 2012, taking a trip into the city on the Go train.

Oh no! You left the camera behind on the train. On it are just under 300 photos, chronicling a trip from Europe to Chicago, then a road trip in a rented camper through Cleveland, and on up to Niagara Falls then to east of Toronto.

My friends found the camera, a black Casio EXILM, sitting on the train. They disagreed whether it was better to turn it into lost and found or to put the forces of the internet to work to see if they could find the people to whom the camera belonged. Having lost a few myself, I know the worst part is losing the memories of a trip.

I decided to take on the challenge, and created this web site as a hub for my efforts. I will post some of the photos here, and hope that through the web its tentacles of social media that we can find you, and return your camera and photos.

If you are the family this belongs to, you can contact me (Alan Levine) via my contact form. If you can send me a photo so I know it is you, and a postal address, I will mail you your camera home. They key to identifying this is to let me know the kind of animal is on the beach in the first few photos.

More information and selected found photos at

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