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Not for Project Community this time ;)

This blog is somewhat similar to a faculty blog, so it has nothing to do with the weekly blog thing. Just a story I wish to share :D

Aye. aye, aye.

So last weekend I flew to visit my mom in UK for a really really really short weekend. She wished for me to visit her a loooooong time ago, for I haven’t seen her restaurant yet. The business was doing okay, but it could do better. She has to compete with lots of restaurant in Bedford after all…

After looking around a bit, I asked my mother: “How is your facebook page (of the restaurant) doing?” “Nothing much, I guess.” She answered. “Uhh… twitter then?” “Oh, I don’t know about that?” “How about business cards or flyers, do you have them?” “No, I don’t. I have no one to help me with that, but I really want them.”

I know my mom is a digital immigrant, she also cannot afford time nor energy in this digital world and since I am not always physically around her, I wanted to take the burden of social networking of her shoulders, for I could do that easily from my computer in the Netherlands.

The first thing I started was a new Facebook page. Easily done. Took some new pictures, uploaded some. Since there is a limit amount of photos I could take, I told my mom to take pictures of her cooking (she is the headchef) once in a while and send it to me through Facebook messenger/Line/Whatsapp, so I can put it on the page.I came up with a “Dish of the month” idea to post it on Facebook. She really liked the idea and I really hope it will attract some more guests.  

Then off to Twitter. Nothing much I could do there, they do answer all the tweets, but have not post anything since august this year. I explained that they should start following people, for the people they follow might follow them back. For now that is okay.

Next stop is the physical objects: business cards & flyers. I had no time to do that in UK, for I had to fly back already, so I have been working on that (instead of doing homework gnegnegne…) here and use Line as a communicating tool between my mom and me.

I am not an expert on this marketing area, but I guess I do know what looks good and what not for I am and have the all judging ‘Eye’  hahaha…

For now this is what the card looks like. All the images are mine, so there should be no copyright issues, right…?

The front:


The back:image

Since I have little fate in the Twitter account, I only put their Facebook page on. The feedback I get from my mom was: “Perfect.” and since I am not shallow I wish to have some critic. Nothing is perfect after all well expect me

I have not started with the flyer design yet. She already has her own flyer, but I really am not content with that. If I find more time, I will gladly do it for her, but for now. I guess she content with it.

Also I need to learn how to make websites! Her website is not really up to date and if I really want to take over the burden 100%, I need to master da skills~~. Gotta learn them all!! Ugh… I just hope it won’t be too hard…

Hmm… so what is the point of sharing all this? Maybe because I want some good feedback? Maybe also as a reminder of the things I have to do. Little of both, but the most fun part of it is, is because I would have never started thinking about these if I have not followed this Project Community course. So in a way I am thankful for the stuffs I have learned so far and to be able to practice it in real life and to help, in this case, my mom with it, it feels good great…. Anywhos… thanks for reading :)



The Facebook page:


Ok, frog! I now see that the adress/telephone number/mail/website may be too small to read. Ah poop! I already ordered them. Sigh. Good thing I ordered a small batch, for these occasions hahaha… We will see ^_^;

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