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During week 7 we were introduced to Marketing. It was very useful, since we discussed different…

During week 7 we were introduced to Marketing. It was very useful, since we discussed different strategies which will benefit our customer. Another thing, which we were talking about, is how to organize our thoughts and create a Storyboard. It was quite useful, especially for me, because one of the video’s that we watched, gave me good ideas on how to organize my time and duties also.

As usual, when we started with the group activity, we divided into small groups. Me and two more people were researching different marketing strategies that might benefit our NGO. We came to the conclusion, that receiving feedback is extremely important. This is why we are a bit concerned, since we still haven’t received an answer from our customer and we do not know if we fully meet his needs.

Which of the themes we’ve been looking into so far will be of the most use towards your goal of solving the unmet need of your NGO?

Give at least 3 reasons why and tell who/what you think will play a key role towards success during the process.

I will agree with my group mates, when I say that in my opinion Crowdsourcing is crucial for Solidaridad and it is most useful for solving the unmet need of our NGO, because, first of all, it is a great way to explore the opinion and ideas of a big amount of people.  This will definitely increase the site’s development, since feedback will be constantly received and it will definitely advantage and speed-up the design process.

Second of all, by giving ideas, people feel like they are being a part of a creation process and this will benefit the rate of the social network. Crowdsourcing is a way to build a strong relationship between different communities.

And last, but not least, it is much cheaper, because people use it to help each other, because they built communities, which share the same ideas and goals.

What do you think the solution should be and why?

I am not sure if this is the correct answer to this question but in my opinion, the solution is to create a website, with a simple and yet original visual outlook, which will leave a good impression on people. For me, design is very important. Nowadays so many websites exist, that you have to be different, in order for people to remember you.

It is very important the most significant information to be clearly divided into tabs on the homepage, so that everyone can easily find what he is looking for. However, as I already said, I am not sure whether this fully answers this question, since, as I already mentioned, we still haven’t received any answer from our customer and I am not 100 per cent sure what he is looking for.

On Monday we were arguing, whether we will manage to meet our customer’s need or not. Some consider that we will actually fail. Nevertheless, I am an optimist and I truly believe that in a couple of days this desired moment will come and we will finally hear from our customer and we will know for sure what to do, in order to do our job the best way we can. 

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Eeeek week 7 already!

Hey Guys!

It’s hard to believe it was 7 weeks ago that we were first introduced to our NGO and given our task, time has flown. Over those 7 weeks we have been introduced to a number of new (for some of us) themes/concepts which our guides thought would help us in developing a solution to our and our NGO’s Challenge. Last week Maarten discussed with us “killing the darlings”, as cruel as this sounds, this weeks blog post is going to carry on that theme. We have been asked which of the themes up till now, we personally believe, will be the most useful in terms of finding a solution for our NGO.  As soon as I read this question I had an answer in mind, Crowd sourcing.

Our challenge originally stated, “How do we improve the platform’s user experience & usability? How to set up a user group & create a development cycling of continuous improvement & experience?”  The key focus in this task was improving usability for users and also developing a “development cycling of continuous improvement & experience”. This is where Crowd Sourcing steps in.

Just as a reminder crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing to a “crowd” of people via an open call for assistance. Through Solidaridad harnessing crowdsourcing in terms of development feed back on their new platform, they will discover (in a timely manner) where their weak spots lye in their new platform. If they give users an opportunity to review and give feed back, progressively they will be able to update these weak spots bettering the platform continuously,  until it is entirely user friendly. Further more Crowdsourcing also allows global experts, who may have experienced platform development to enlighten Solidaridad on wear any weak spots lie in their platform. Crowdsourcing also gives a voice to those who may not have specific expertise in the field and this is invaluable as way of creating a true sense of community, diminishing any sense of hierarchy.

Cultural diversity is also dealt with through crowdsourcing as people belonging to different cultures are able to communicate their unique needs which may not have been considered by those of another culture.

As for what I believe the solution is going to be, to be frank, I still don’t know. Due to some difficulties communicating with our client (he was out of the country and unable to return our mails) we are still waiting on some vital information. Until we get this it is hard to say. However the finish line is approaching us even more each and every day, so decisions are going to have to be made and soon. I have set up a Skype meeting with our client tomorrow and if all goes to plan we should have all the information we need. If, for some reason, we are unable to get what we need, I think my group should go off assumptions as I would rather us end with a few inapplicable solutions than none what so ever.

Is anyone else having problems contacting clients? If so please enlighten me with any possible solutions you have found.

Until next time,


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Divide And Conquer!

This week in Project Communities we were asked to look at our own use of social and technological architecture. This meant our own team dynamics and how the team was working with the amount of people that we have in it.

We watched a video from Nancy and her friend Chris Corrigan, about how group size can affect the work that is produced. The key points that I got from the video was that with individual reflection comes diversity of ideas. Groups of 2’s or 4’s have a stabilising effect, whereas groups of 3’s or 5’s are more unstable when coming up with ideas. However the main point that stuck with me personally throughout the video was that studies have shown that groups of more than 5 people mean that creativity is harder. As we are working in a group of 7, this point stuck in my head for something that we could potentially change.

So armed with this new information and new techniques that we could use to make the most of our groups creativity, the first thing we did was divide the group up into pairs and then separated the work up so that each pair had tasks to complete. I was paired with Michelle and our task was to Research the Gogorobi context fully and also to research and come up with solutions for the Network, Products, Events and the Website.

So far with our group work there has are a few aspects that have been working well, firstly I think that how we collect and collate all the information using Google Drive is vitally important as everyone has access to it. Another aspect that is working well is the communication side, as we use Facebook for all of our research that we do at home and also communications that we may need during the project. I also felt that this week has shown me that our group all has different qualities and skills that we can utilise and use so that we can complete tasks easier. As I mentioned we broke up into pairs to come up with ideas. I was in a pair with Michelle and thankfully she can read and speak Dutch and as we had to translate the Gogorobi website which is all in Dutch she translated and read it to me whilst I harvested the information that she was giving to me and wrote it all down so that we could interoperate it in English.

However there have been some challenges with our large group. The main challenges that we have come across is attendance, work ethic and work completion rate. With the attendance, some weeks we have a whole group and others we have been down to 4 people. This really effects the work rate that we can progress with as usually people have been given specific tasks to complete before we have the next meeting. Therefore if certain team members don’t turn up, or turn up without the work being completed it means that we are being unproductive and have to use the time we should be progressing with to go back and complete the work that should have already been done.

The impact of having such a large group has meant that sometimes we can be unproductive as there is so much information and ideas being suggested, that we can get lost or off track completely. However I feel that it isn’t all bad with the large group size as actually it means that we can divide and conquer. This week in particular I feel has been the most productive due to the fact that we had 6 people working in pairs on separate tasks that meant a large amount of work was completed and we progressed massively. The impact of different cultures however so far I feel has been positive, as mentioned earlier each of us having different skills that we can use in conjunction together to be successful in the different challenges that we are faced with. The impact of the task, is one of the most important things in my eyes as it is all about how our group interoperates the task that we are trying to complete. This week we actually looked at what work we have already done and the answers that we have got. We then realised the direction we were going in wasn’t completely the right one. We were getting off topic and actually had to go back to the original brief and ask ourselves what we were trying to achieve. We were effectively lost in answers, but by going back to the original brief and task we actually started again and got back on track.

One thing that I hope we will be definitely doing in the coming weeks is taking the experience that we had this week and see the progression we had so that we can break up into smaller groups within our own again and be more constructive. Breaking up into smaller groups is by far the best thing that we have done so far and the progression we have made this week has been profound.

Until next time! :)

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I have some goodies to share :)

Hello all dear readers,

Talking about technology knowledge and online tools during this week’s lesson, made me enthusiastic about sharing some of the good online tools I have practiced during the last few years. Most these tools and services are found just by googling solution for my needs, and being open to try suggested tools and websites by friends. Yes, I use the google search engine a lot; for many question I face. “how to” and “tutorial” are two very important keywords for me that I use a lot when searching for something online. Among all the fantastic online sources, services, and tools, the following ones are my favorites that I am going to share with you. Please ask me any further question you may have about them. I hope they can be as useful for your. 

  1. Diigo is an online bookmarking website that allows you to tag and bookmark web pages, highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to webpages after you sign up and all these for free. Diigo allows you to have always access to your bookmarks and notes from any connected device to internet. 
  2. 4shared, online file sharing and storage that gives you up to 15 GB free web space. 
  3. Scribd is a digital documents library that allows users to publish, discover and discuss original writings and documents in various languages. I believe it is also one of the best places you can find full portfolios of artists.
  4. Google Chrom is my favorite browser. Not only because it is said to be the fasted, but also because it offers growing services to its user. “Instant translator”, “Pdfy me!”, “Photo Zoom for Facebook”, “FastestChrome - Browse Faster”, and of course “Diigo Web Collector”   are my favorite extensions for this internet browser.
  5. Did you know that you can simply drag and drop any image from your computer or an open tab of your internet browser in a google image search box and look for another size of that image or find some information about it? However, this feature may work only in Google Chrome. 
  6. Pixlr is an online photo editing website. It is easy to use, quick, and free. The advance Pixlr editor offers your most of the features you find in Photoshop.
  7. In Tripwire online magazine you can find amazing photo manipulation tutorials. Don’t forget to check their other topics.

There are also a few new tools that I was introduced to recently, which you can find about them bellow. Although I do not have much experience with them yet, I think they worth trying as much as the above ones.

  1.  An easy to use mind-mapping tool called BubbleI recently found this online tool. Although I do not have so much experience with it yet, I like the user-friendly interface of it. 
  2. A collaboration tool named TeamBox: apparently Teambox is a popular new collaboration tool that started out as a project management tool. But now it’s grown to include powerful messaging tools. This makes it one of the best ways to communicate with your team about each of the projects you have going on. You can assign tasks to others, check your own projects, then discuss them with your colleagues, all in the same app. 
  3. With Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others.

By this time, I still do not exactly know what the identified unmet needs of your NGOs are, more than what was written in the assignment handout. But I believe that some of these tools can help you to find the right information you need, sharing them within your group and your client, and present them in a memorable way. I would be very glad to help you further with any of the tools I know. So please ask  me questions if you think my experience in using these mentioned tool may help. :)

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A universe of Reflections :)

There are many important things to take away from this week’s kick-off, the most important of which for me was getting to know my fellow colleagues I will be working with over the next few years. Given the opportunity to meet all these new creative people with pre-determined goals, I experienced self-growth into a more self-oriented individual.

I got a sense for the amount of imagination and creative thinking required for our upcoming practical coursework. The kickoff week activities challenged me to think about many of the commonalities between the varied topics discussed, from teamwork to crafting innovative solutions. I would like to gain the skills to cultivate the information I need through online networks to create an effective innovative solution.

I have aspirations for our team to be able to effectively create motivation from sponsors to find the funds needed by the Gogorobi Foundation through targeted advertising. This week I discovered that everyone has different strengths in certain areas and I hope to contribute with my ability to be persuasive in a debate situation.

I am really looking forward to expanding my knowledge by the courses we attend every day.

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Stefan’s Designed universe: Project Community Reflections (:

Stefan's Designed universe: Project Community Reflections (::


There are many important things to take away from this week’s kick-off, the most important of which for me was getting to know my fellow colleagues I will be working with over the next few years. Given the opportunity to meet all these new creative people with pre-determined goals, I experienced…

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I guess I will begin with the concept that Nancy White brought up in the project community introductory video “CONFUSIASM”. Because that is exactly how I felt when this project was handed to us. I felt confused about the project as a whole and couldn’t really wrap my head around it. Luckily we are working in groups which enable us to bring our confused heads together. And so we started to comprehend this rather complicated challenge by talking, discussing, reasoning and asking each other questions. Although, at the end of all this we were still confused and somewhat disorganized. BUT, I felt enthusiastic. We hadn’t yet grasped the meaning of all the parts of the project but we as a group had come together and started exploring, discovering and imagining. Hence, the term “confusiasm” came to fit perfectly for this first glance at the project.

I now understand that this project is about the use of internet and the value that is brings to the design process.  It is to find out how we can use network communities online to address world problems and how we can tap into this wider interconnected world. We will look at a specific NGO and try solving some of their challenges. This means that we will also be able to see how we as designers can actually help save the world. 

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What is this all about?

After the first class of Project Community, I think the goal of this course is guiding us to make positive changes in humans lives with the help of the current technology and online networks. Although the start was a little bit confusing, but I am still enthusiastic about what I am going to learn in this course.

I can’t imagine what will I learn from the people I work with within my group and from the experienced teachers we have, but one thing I am sure about is that everything I learn will be steps for reaching my dreams.

I don’t know how close my wish can get to the reality, but I really would like that my group have remarkable and noticeable outcome that makes the outsiders amazed.

To help my group achieving the best result, I try to effectively participate in all tasks and do my best as a team member. I can also bring my experience to the group and share the new things I learn along the way.

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I write to you all from a keyboard, which is usually used for little more than a spot of Facebooking and a ton of Youtubing.. Although my computer skills (yes its that bad – I am calling them computer skills) are below par I am not completely computer retarded. Thus I bring you this blog with the intentions of documenting and sharing my progress in the task of developing a NGO’s platform, in a hope of improving this platform’s user experience and usability amongst many other technical ambitions I’m yet to rap my head around!

Although my skill set may seem limited up to this point and you may be asking how on earth this computer illiterate Kiwi is going to produce a successful platform design, BUT DON’T LOSE HOPE YET! Less than a day ago I was asking my self the very same thing BUT (yes, thank god there’s a but) I am equipped with an international, driven, COMPUTER CONFIDENT team!! Team 6 features 8 different nationalities, 8 different cultures and 8 different international minds ready to produce an end product which fulfills both our clients brief and our individual design ambitions. I personally am extremely interested in the sustainable agriculture industry and hope to work there in the future. I have spent 2 years researching sustainable agriculture and hope to contribute this knowledge and passion to my group.

I foresee this task to be a ginormous-learning curb for my self in many areas. Firstly I hope to absorb, from my team mates, any and all knowledge on setting up a user friendly platform. Although I plan to restrict my involvement in this sector of the task (directing it towards a job of my own strengths instead) I definitely plan on using the opportunity to develop these missing skills. I hope to contribute to my team by playing to my strengths, thus I have already committed to the job of correspondence whether it be between our client, our tutor or any external resources we may need to contact. I chose this job as I am able to write and express my self in English with ease and more importantly because I am able to forge genuine trustful relationships with individuals, which I hope will prove beneficial when communicating and interpreting our clients needs. Lastly I am expecting the group dynamic to be somewhat of a challenge with a few strong, dominating personalities already eager to take leadership and rush forward with this task. Hopefully all members of the group are able to harness their individual strengths and express them in all areas of this task.

Due to our client being an ambitious company in the sustainable agriculture sector, group 6 hopes to create platform suitable to their target audience that displays clearly the ambitions and morals of Solidaridad whilst still being an interesting, interactive and enticing space for all international sustainable agriculture enthusiasts to gather!

Until next time,

Siras Henderson

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