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Week 2: Fundraising and network expansion


This is my first post on tumblr.

I think the goal of the class is to get trained in using of community platforms like blogs to support a project. Furthermore we should find a sustainable solution to support a NGO.

I expect to get more skilled in using and creating blogs and other online communities. This is my first time using a blog. So everything is new, but i am excited to explore the possibility of working with blogs.

Moreover I would like to create a outcome with my group, which is feasible and becomes true. Therefore it would be nice, if we as students profit by the 8 weeks of study and also the Gogorobí Foundation.

Actual I am not sure about my “specialty quality”, but hopefully my team and I will discover this in the following 8 weeks. However i like to work as a team.

I am looking forward to have 8 instructive weeks with my group and the rest of the program.


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