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Marketing Strategy for our Dearest NGO

For this week blogpost, We are going to explore about our marketing design and strategy. A little bit of business, but the whole thing is designed in our best way for our Dearest NGO.

I’m gonna go straight to the point.

The unmet need of our NGO (according to my point of view, do correct me if I’m mistaken), is their acknowledgement by the people around the world, and by that for instance, is a market and network problem. So, the most effective solution for this is CROWDFUNDING.

Crowdfunding is basically Fundraising by involving the crowds which what we called “the target group”.

This strategy is not only creating income for the NGO but also expand the network at the same time. Because expanding the network means expanding the market and that gives the NGO more opportunities to gain more income. Moreover, more people will start to acknowledge the NGO and the probability of investors who might be interested for putting their money could be increased. The target group and the marketing teams are those who play the important roles here. Any action of both sides will affect one another and could creat a big impact for the NGO.

Crowdfunding produces its best result if its done using internet. So the NGO and the marketing team are kind of forced to improved themselves to become a real good digital native. Unconsiously and gradually, the people involved will actually update themselves to know what happens around their world and also improve their skills of technology. Everyone behind the internet page (read: the internet creative team) plays their key role of the strategy and people who contribute in creating the website and giving their ideas are also important in this case.

In conclusion, more creative way of crowdfunding could be the solution for our NGO’s problems. Nowadays, the cliche way of crowdfunding wont attract big investors and only stand for small prices. We have to think like there’s no box in making this strategy come true.


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