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It is a quiet me. A louder we and very loud networks that is shouting to everyone. You just need to listen.

I joined Facebook just recently because I had a project and I want to reach people outside my personal network. I joined a group about making bobbing lace, because I want to find out: What people make bobbin lace? What kind of bobbing lace do they produce? What problems they have to deal with? And it worked.

Maybe an other reason to join fb was to keep in touch with my siblings. I do not live at home since I am 16 years old (because I went to an art-highschool in an other city, and than started studying) and I want to stay in contact with them. I do not want to take the initiative all the time and write them an e-mail. I can see what they are interested in and vice versa.

I have been in the past once to fb. But I was not interested in it at all. They always post stupid stuff. And I had no benefit of being in fb. In fact I had less time. And also now I do not have time for my other hobbies. Be active in the “real” world. Go climbing, cycling, running…

Now in our study here pretty much everything runs in fb. There are discussions, inspiring posts, helpful links, interesting job-offers… You definitively miss a lot, if you are not on fb. I do not know if anyone from this course is NOT on fb and I wonder how he/she feels about that. First I was more an observer on fb, but know I try to communicate more with others. I have started with looking for groups with the same interests and started own initiatives. I use fb more for networking and stay in touch with university stuff. But of course you can’t separate private from “work” nowadays.

A network that I like very much is Couchsurfing. In fact I joined this network before fb. There you can look for people in the same area where you live. And meet for going climbing. It is a place that connect people that are new to a town to others. Or while traveling look for people that want to meet and give you a tour through downtown. Couchsurfing is used the most to find a host in a city/ town you want to got to. And for offering your “couch” to people that are traveling. It is a big community and works like a circle. I offer some one my couch and can sleep on some one else couch… I love this idea.

For research I sometimes post questions to specific themes in blogs. Or browse there for problems.

Now recently we started blogging, and I like sharing my experience and knowledge. But there are so many people out in the world. Who will read my blog-post? Why should someone read it? I am not that special. What I share, many others can also share.

So in general I am a more quiet internet user. I browse for helpful informations. I do not want to be connected all the time with online spaces. I am still improving my network skills and try to use it more for “work”. To get to know new people in the “real” world I use also Couchsurfing.

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