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Chris’ video for week 3 of project community really clarified a lot of my former work to me. I’ve had many teacher trainings and train the trainers, but nobody ever made it so simple and so clear. I applaud his ‘groups of one’. During our (former job) Influencing for results training we had a home base room. All the mini lectures (with flabbergasting 4-flip -over-stands-presentations!!!) would take place in here. But also the book table was in this room as well as all the resources. And, distributed along the wall were work places for the attendees that we called ‘learning satellites’. They could use this for reflection, journalling or whatever they needed. They would be facing the wall, on which they could share anything that came up about their learning. Very much like the way we use the tumblr blogs in our course now. F2F isn’t that much different from online facilitation, come to think of it.

If you want to know about this training course on infuencing, Walt Hopkins just published his book about it.

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