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Peter Parker

Internet.Facebook. Instagram. All other types of Social media.
As much as i enjoy sharing pictures with friends and being able to message them 24/7. It scares me. People or Institutions can legally or ilegally check my profiles. And thats exactly why i will start erasing my digital identity in the following weeks when my capability has increased to a certain level. My knowledge concerning online tools are very basic, so please don’t expect a lot. I would be more then happy to share my knowledge with you but its basiclly what everyone of you already knew years ago. But the best motivation to learn is curiosity. And i am curious, thats why i will have learned from and with you in the following days and weeks. Thank you in advance…

"the best promise is the one you can’t keep."
- _______man

(Hint :_____gram)

Mario Mirzahanyan

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