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Three principels for me.

Good day Loyal Reader,

Waddup? It is time for my last blog for my project community course. Time sure flies. So… Let’s get started!

So to start off, communities and networks are important in the design world. (Somehow I feel like repeating this over and over hahaha…) For me I think communities and networks are more for marketing then really helping you to design awesome stuffs. As learned, we are more creative when we are alone or with less people anyways. In my last ‘faculty blog’ I used networking (Facebook) as a tool for marketing too. Sure you need networking for realizing your design, but the starting point would be for me: Me, myself and Eye.

Everybody has their own style and so do I. I was reading all the links about design principles, and I have to admit, I want to apply all of them in my product. Though if you ask me which one are the most important for me that would be aesthetic, honest and functional.

I kind of pushed myself into the direction of a product designer. To be specific, designing kitchen tools or something for children. That is why aesthetic is important to me. I spend a lot of my time in my kitchen and I always find myself enjoying it more, if my tools are pleasant and fun to look at it and to work with. This works the same for website too. If the site looks more attractive, one would be willing to spend more time on it, at least I do. Recently I designed a business card for my mother, and she told me that a lot of her guests has been taking it home. The design is something else then your standard card (and that is what I paid for hahaha…), so I guess it grabs people’s attention a lot more. What do you think?    image

The most important aspect of our life is to be honest. People are already insecure when they have to order something or contacting someone from the “unknown” * insert spooky wind sound*. It is just not that trustworthy. So when I want to set up a new website, I want people to have faith in me and in my products. To make this happen, I guess it is good to start with a base where friends help you spread your words to their friends. Like my mom’s restaurant: She provides good food and atmosphere, people come to eat, people spread the word to their friends or write good reviews on trip advisor, their friends comes to eat on recommendations and the circles goes on and on. Sure you sometime have to exaggerate with marketing, but too much and you have a really negative impact if you cannot deliver what you promised. Most of the consumers nowadays are really picky, so you have to be careful with that.

Last but not least: functional. Similar to honesty, functional will be playing a big role in my designs. Like I mentioned, I like cooking and I like good looking products. Though the reason I am willing to pay more for these products is because the quality and functionality are quite good. Especially for students of the common wealth functionality is important. I mean if they have a choice of buying a bike for 20 euros or one for 50, I think most of them will go for the 20. It is cheaper and… Well… it is a bike.

I tend to spend more money in kitchen tools and time looking at them in stores and that is where I fell in love with Alessi and Joseph Joseph. Alessi is more of a child-friendly aesthetic brand, while Joseph is more aesthetic modern style. I don’t mind having both styles in my house, so I guess that is something my future partner’s wallet has to decide hahaha…

All-in-all, even though functionality in important for my design, I do not think I can come up with something that looks hideous and functional at the same time… I cannot completely lie about my products too, I don’t benefit from it if I feel bad about it myself, even if the money is good.  

Get inspired, be the inspirer,

Peace out,


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Need a GPS* Item!

(AN: I am so sorry, it got a bit too long again! Though I still hope you will enjoy reading it! >.<)

Herro ferrow broggers,

Let’s get straight to the point for this week’s blog. :D
It is a showdown –not really- between crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

Are you ready?! SET? GOOOOoooo!

(I am listening to Avici at the moment, so am a bit energic haha… If I get more serious or calm in writing you will know that the song has changed… :D)



So the reflection for crowdsourcing will be somewhat close to the one I did for networking in my first blog.  Crowdsourcing helps you expand your network, this is useful to, in my case for example, getting discounts or finding jobs.

About a month ago I found this website called Linkedin. I have never heard of it, but one of my old teacher of the church invited me to use it. I did sign up but I still haven’t looked around much. The general idea of that site is, as the name suggest –the beauty of simplicity-, “linking” people and expanding your network. I saw that Sheila has a LinkedIn, but I am not quite sure if you can create a profile for Gogorobi. Now that I am mentioning it, maybe a good idea guys?


On to the crowdfunding we go. In my opinion I think crowdsourcing is more beautiful and challenging than crowdfunding. Crowdfunding can only be effective if we have a good base (network) – still in my opinion.

For example: Gamers who stream their matches in order to make money through advertisements on their stream. You can stream as regularly as you want, but if your skills –your base-  is not good, you ain’t gonna get views my brada. So you need to go and improve your skills, come back with inspiring actions and boom! More views = Kaching Kaching! Though if you flash your boobs now and then I guess you could get viewers too. Doubt that it would word for guys though, cruel world-.

Most of the designers start by investing their own money, though most of the time it has it limits and this is where crowdfunding is quite handy. Who does not mind a helping hand?  :)

Crowdsourcing in design:

Solo YOLO. Ehh… what about NO. In the design world it is “all about” crowdsourcing and I don’t like that, since I don’t want to involve myself with the world. If my life was like the life of my Sim in the Sims 3, I would have the Loner social trait. Sigh. Anywhos… At some point I have to give in that I, the narcissist, need “people” *shivers*.

Sure it is great if YOU design a product and YOU produce it on YOUR own and YOU are doing the advertising so well, that the product is sold out faster than Diablo 3, wonderful even, but then reality happens, because no successful game nor product has been developed by one person –as far as I concern. That is nearly impossible if you think about it.  

I need useful criticism from potential users and having an expert or two to guide me the way does not sound bad either, maybe even getting discounts for reproducing the product because I know the people from the factory really well. Let’s face it, when I finish this study, I will probably relate myself to a sperm cell racing against the clock and other millions cells to survive in this cruel world.

Enough pros, it is now pessimistic emo cons time. :<

Sure expanding your network is a great idea, but this can go wrong too. Look at Kony 2012. Their base –youtube video- was so powerful. Big Youtubers like nigahiga even advertise for them! Many supports, but most of the supporters do not actually know what Kony 2012 is about, or where their money is really going to. I did, and still do, not know how they are going to fix this “Kony” with that large sum of digital green papers, this is why I choose not to support them. It looked very straight to the point, but for a critic like me, I think it was a bit shallow and a fairytale story. To short it up, a too big network could lead to something like this…


Since most of the crowdsourcing is done through the internet, it gets very impersonal fast. At some point you will lose control. And well, you will get these internet kids.  

So don’t be shallow, be critic and leave people in awe.

Kind regards,


PS. Is it crowdfunding or crowd funding? My Word keep correcting me into the latter one…  Google it for me please hihi…

*Gold per second

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There is no team in Teemo.


So let me start explaining my title. “Teemo” is one of my favorite character from an online game, he does not really contribute well in team fights, but does extremely well when he is solo-ing. In one way you could say that Teemo is me, since I do love taking solo missions, in game and in real life. I also do agree on the “you are the most creative, when you are alone” part, I noticed that after switching between working alone and in team.   

Anyways enough about me, let’s talk about my team for this project. The thumbs-up for our group is that everybody is willing to contribute and work. I think we have a pretty all-rounder team, we respect and listen to each other; I am really happy with that.

The challenge for me is to bring the whole group together and keeping all of them in track. Since you are working as a team, teamwork is very important. If one is falling behind, we need to be able to pick him/her up. Another challenge is me, for most of the time I have to high standards and spend too much time on small details. I am trying to cope with this, hence the shorter my blogs become.  

In general, a group of eight is quite big. In my experience my maximum group size was six, and there I already find it hard to communicate with everybody, for we worked in pairs in that group and it was really hard to ask for feedback from the other members, since everybody was busy with their own pair. Though I don’t really feel like we have a lot of problems with that now, mainly thanks to Facebook chat.  

Our group is not only an all-rounder in skills, but also in culture. I still cannot pin-point the impact of different culture in our group. I think most of the attitude comes from one self; like speaking a lot or being a better listener.

Until now we have divided all the task equally and we don’t really have any problems dividing it either. We volunteer on the work we want and so far, no one has complained. If there are any confusions we just ask each other, whether f2f or Facebook.

As mentioned above, I would like to try and keep the group together. Keep on motivating each other and adapt my standards to the whole group. I hope we will end up with great synnergy (synchrony +energy). So far, let’s keep up the good great work!  :D



There really is no team in Teemo.

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Strawberry Egg

Me, FriendS, Strangers.

In me, I find three “zones”; the me-zone, the friend-zone (no, not the boy meets girl version) and the strangers-zone (which is divided into: “Interesting person that I would like to get to know better” and “I do not even want to know you. Seriously. Weirdo.”) Coincidentally I can find these zones back in my use of online spaces too.

Now, just like the me-zone in my real life, my virtual me-zone happens to be the biggest of all three. I spend most of my time googling, youtubing, reading memes, and stalking people on Facebook etc. Since I love to work alone, this zone has the most value to me. No complains, no nagging, no nothing, just surfing the hours away in Zen-mode. Or maybe I like it because I am a narcist. Maybe.

Though, we, people, are social beings, no matter how much I would love to marry my own reflection, I cannot accomplish this, in reality. So we, humans, come up with this word: “friend”. Boy, how lucky I am to have offline and online friendS. Now, friends-zone is something very close to my me-zone. As stated above, even though I love myself, I have to admit that without my friends, my world would be less fun. I would for example have no partner to venture new dungeons with me or I would only get teamed up with only please uninstall the game noobs. Sigh. Currently I have a group of ten friends whom I game with, they all live in the Netherlands and we use Whatsapp and Skype to stay in touch, this works fine. Sadly, through the years I have seen the members increasing and decreasing, but I am happy that I have been in this team for a long time and I hope this will last longer. Maybe forever? Maybe.  

Last but not least, the strangers-zone. This zone is the most farway from the other zones, like Pluto and Earth. As you may know, or probably know now, I game a lot. Gaming is a big world and even though you could stick to your friend-zone group, sometime you have the urge to explore the unknown on your own. Like when you start a new game and you know no one, you may join a guild and play with your guild members all over the world, without actually knowing their real name.  With these online-ers, I rather not exchange personal information, even not my skype. Online people are not trustable. I mean, I could not be Warisra who is writing this, but a Pegacorn hrmm… Yeah, right… Or am I maybe? Maybe.

All in all, even though there is a chance where I do find nice people through networking, I prefer to stick to my flock, actually more to myself. Maybe because my mom brainwashed me about becoming an independent lady. Just maybe.

Stay awesome Gotham,


And remember kids: “loving oneself is different from being arrogant, conceited or egocentric.” says Wikipedia about self-love.

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Strawberry Egg