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Day 1:

I was so happy when I found out that our group got the Solidaridad assignment. Fund-raising for an NGO? Now that’s tough! Good luck to my peers with that! The way I see it we get to work on a way to ease information flow and communication within a large global organisation with it’s local stations all around the world. This seems like a do-able challenge! After a period of uncertainty about the limitations of our assignment, the thought of having to work in a certain framework, and thinking that there really was just one good answer, it turns out that all those fears have been for naught. I think the more we, as a group, understood the freedom we were given the more ideas came bursting out about finding out why they needed our help, how to approach it and what to find out before we actively engaged in the assignment. I feel very confident about my group and I believe we might actually come up with a great system to introduce to our NGO. To truly find something great, not only in concept, but also in practice, I need to learn as much as possible about their current infrastructure, the way they operate and their ability to implement potentially complex systems into their structure. I don’t have much experience in the IT field, however, I can bring a great deal of ideas and IT professional contacts to the table. The only problem is to find out if those ideas are within the realm of possibilities. I found a very interesting document on their website, that sort of is a digest of all the information I need to understand what it is that they are doing, globally as well as structurally within themselves. I’m happy about having done a speed reading seminar, else this 65 page beast probably would’ve seemed too big to tackle. I’ve already been thinking about some ways to ease up communication by making all knowledge available intuitively. I want to eliminate this scene from their offices

I wonder if it will work out?

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