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ProjComm – Week 3

Ok guys I’m just going to be really honest right now, I kind of suck in terms of technology but not too much, I know a bit about photoshop, illustrator, corel draw the Office Pack and some other softwares but in that area that’s pretty much it, pretty basic, I did some basic knowledge courses but I don’t think I would be of great help in terms of software even though I am working on it, since I moved to Den Haag I bought a new and WAY BETTER laptop than my old one which was almost as heavy as I am.

I don’t want to be that kind of person that promises things and never does anything, I am improving my talents and I’ll also start working with some 3D software hopefully soon. It would be a great improvement for me and it would be helpful for my group now and the ones on my future projects, not only in projcomm.

In terms of social media and communities I can say I am pretty familiar with anything and If I’m not I can figure out pretty quickly. I just learned to work with Meetingwords for the projcomm classes as well as the Google gadgets like the hangout which needs a little improvement and Just as many people and I know Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Orkut, Askfm, Youtube,  Vimeo well and can work in any of them, since I am huge music fan, I am also very familiar with websites or social medias that are more focused on music like or Purevolume, which are a bit different than any of those others that are normally used, making people connect through their level of compatibility in music taste, very interesting systems to work with and be a part of and that not many people are familiar with.

Baby steps to improvement…


hopefully it starts a going a LITTLE faster after a while haha

I think I can be very helpful in many ways and in ANYway, and anyone can we all just need commit to it, as long as we commit to what we love and what we want or need to do we’ll do a pretty good job after all…………..”WITH PRACTICE COMES PERFECTION”

See you guys next week


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ON DUTY! – Week 1

Call is on duty and I have finished my first blog for Project Community 2013 -yay me.



The goals of this class was quite vague to me when I entered the classroom. Though gradually the puzzle pieces seem to fit into each other –a bit-.

I think some among us were thinking: “What does this have to do with ‘Design’?”

So did I.

Once home, I started giving it a thought. I mean, why else would they give us this course if it has nothing to do with our study? It has to have some meaning to it.  

This is the conclusion were I came up with: NETWORKING and also TEAMWORKING.

Why network? Because this course helps you start contacting different kinds of people from different culture, for my project it would be Sheila. This probably will be helpful in the future. You have to start somewhere and this course really helps you with it.  

Since the term just started, we still barely know each other, here is where the teamwork comes in. Later in “real” life you will also probably be placed with people you have not ever met, but you still have to work with them and make the best out of your team. So I kind of can relate that scenario with my situation now.   


What I wish to learn is to optimize the use of the internet for networking. Yes, I use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc., but for those platforms I use them to keep in touch with my friends, not finding new ones. Where do I have to start searching especially if it is business related? I have no clue.

Also at the end of the semester, I hope to get to know my class a lot better so I can use- I mean- keep in contact with them later in the future.


Everybody has a dream. I mean… I want to be the very best. Like no one ever was. Dum-dum-dum-ahem.

So of course I wish everything would go well and that there are no hurdles to the finish line, and that we will finish the race as number one as a team –let’s not forget to mention that.

Though I am already content if we get a passing grade. :D  

BUT! If I may dream bigger: How cool is, if our strategy plan gets chosen to become reality…. My mom would be so proud. :’)


What I do know about myself is that I really like to have a clear starting point and an endpoint. Once I figure that out, I can start planning –I really am a great planner, really-, and even though I do not always tend to stick to the plan, it will always work out –somehow. Just… trust me on that.

As long as you do your job, I will do mine. You work, me happy, you no work, me grumpy, means no one happy. L

I guess I am also good at switching between my work- and play-mode. Sure goofing around is a must for stress relief, but once serious business comes to the table, we have to work and I will, kick you in the butt. No one happy, see?

Oh I also like to draw. 
Here is a comic, from me to you, inspired by this week :)


Can you guess the story?

If you did, then I did a good great job haha… If you did not… then I need to start practicing more!

More to come next week! :D

Warisra Ratchatasavee

PS: I really did enjoy this blog writing, am I doing this well?? :D

PPS: This is my Strawberry Egg. -sorry for the heavily edited photo -it is an asian thing-.  image

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