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okey, so the community project is over and I start to think about my Master theses topic. It is…

okey, so the community project is over and I start to think about my Master theses topic.

It is very hard to find something that interestes you but also has enough potential for a scientific work. So I looked deep inside me and what I am interested in. And one thing that followes me through my life was “food”. Yes of course everyone depends on food. But I consider myself as dealing carefully with food. Peel food not or just carefully to not discard more of this valuable nutritions as necessary.

Than travelling 6 month on various organic farms where they grow theire own vegetables and raise pigs, sheep, goose, cows, turkeys, chicken,..

There I saw how much work it is to grow delicious nutrients.

Back in Europe… Somehow I get to know about “Containern”. Knowing not much about it I tried it out on my village. And I was successful. But do you know what is so fantastic about “Dumpster Diving”? You never lose. Ether you find a lot of eatable food, like bananas, potatoes, cauliflower, … or you find nothing and than you still can go home with a smile on your face. Because you are happy, that the supermarket do not have to throw food away.

Actually if I find something in the dumpster I should be sad and angry, that they are throwing away something where other people put a lot of energy and love in it. But somehow I am happy because I rescued it.

So in my master Thesis I would like to bring back the consciousness about food to the consumer. So why do they throw away food? Why does the supermarket throws food away?

The Supermarkt says, they throw away food because customers will not buy food which will soon hit the expiring date.

Also the customer might not be well informed. The expiring date does not mean, that food after the expiring date turns bad. It might lose some of it’s quality. For dairy products for example somethimes there might be some whey flowting on top of your yogurth. Just stir it and than eat it. Trust your senses: WATCH, SMELL, TASTE.

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