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Week 3 assignment

Hello guys, I would like to introduce some interesting and useful online tools to you, wish those tools could help you a lot in life and work.

  1. QQ

Almost everyone in my life circle are using QQ, it is the most popular personal communications app in history: over one billion registered users across 80+ countries.

QQ is an app that has so many functions: free voice chats, video calls, rich texting, blog, music, free movies, and games.

China is one of the regional expertise centers of Solidaridad network, so I believe they already used QQ as their contact tools.

I think you guys will very interest in QQ,if you want to make Chinese friends and know about Chinese culture or contact with your Chinese partners, download it and you will love it. This is the websites address to download international QQ(,it is all in English.


 2. SketchUp

It is 3D modeling software that’s easy to learn and incredibly fun to use.

As IDE student, the third year’s student told me that we will use it very frequently in our design assignment, and I already start to learn it, it is a free software and very easy to use.

This summer break, my father asked me to design the interior trim of our new home, this software really easy  for new users.

 3. SAI

It is a software for Wacom board drawing, there are many friend of me are using Wacom board but they always use Photoshop to drawing, I think SAI is specialized focus on drawing, easy to select color, many kind of pen and paper.

 4. Photoshop

It is a very useful software for designing and making poster.  

I don’t really good at Ps but it will to be our tool to using in our assignment, I am going to satudy it.

5. AotuCAD

AutoCAD is a software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting, I think it won’t very useful in our program.

6. Keynote

It is an APP of IOS system, very useful for me, there are many different style of form board of PowerPoint, next year I did many presentation, it made my preparing work easily.

7. Class table

This is an app about weekly plan, you can add everything that you want to finished in this week, for example: get up 7:30am,finish blog before Tuesday evening.. it will alarm you before the due time.


For our project, I am going to learn video editing software, I knew Miriam are good at it, I will study from her and I really interesting in it. I also want to learn Google hangouts and Google +, it will use in every weeks in this term, it’s a very good way of distance meeting.

Hope my share is useful for you and our project!

See you next week!

Jianyi Wang

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the basic tech kid

Feeling out of my comfort zone this week (again). When it comes to technology and these tools that we have been talking about in class I feel like I have very little to contribute with. I know I can handle my Facebook account, Skype, work with Word and Power Point and just about the basics of Photoshop. Not really impressive. I hope to develop these skills and learn from the people in my group, as I believe are way more skilled in this area. If they would want or need my assistance for the simple knowledge that I have, I would be more than happy to help :)

The Google Hangout that we have been using for this class is a new tool for me. So far, I am a little skeptical on how efficient it is to have a 10 way online conversation. It took us about 30 minutes to get all the conversations going and there wasn’t much time left for discussions. Maybe we all need a little more practice with using it in order for proper conversations to take place. What we learned from the class on Monday was that you can’t always rely on technology. Luckily we live in the technological era so there are alternative ways to communicate if one problem occurs, such as Meetingwords or Facebook.

Another topic that we touched upon this week is the concept of digital identities. For me, Facebook is where I kind of establish my digital identity. I’ve had a blog before and now I’m putting myself out there again (in the digital world) here on Tumblr. It is a little scary that what I write here or what photos that I put on Facebook might still be there in say 10 years. All I hope is that I never end up like “Flame Fart Kid”!

When it comes to our NGO (Solidaridad) and the platform they are using (Drupal) I’ve tried to get a grip around what it is, what tools it includes etc. But, just like I said in the beginning, I’m not the person you want on that case. Not to totally degrade my tech skills, I am good at basic photo editing, like online photo editing and even Paint, haha…if that’s any help at all.


Just some of my amazing Paint skills.

Furthermore, I would be very beneficial if we could go together with some of the other groups that might have some kind of expertise that we do not have. For the other groups “unmet needs” I don’t know of yet, if you need my crazy Paint skills it’s just to ask!

I might not be a technological genius, but I hope to become somewhat or close to a technology steward. This I understood to be someone that can take a leading role in a community’s technical resources, to understand the community’s needs and to adapt technology for everyday use. With the use of the Spidergram we touched on what it means to be a technology steward as we were to identify Solidaridad’s needs and rank the importance of them (prioritize!).

So overall I have a lot to learn, but I’m enthusiastic about it and less and less confusiastic. 

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Meet Eyemymii

  • Meet Eyemymii,

Me, myself and I, I, my, me, Eye, my, me, Eyemymii. That is my “online” name, or warieye –but that one is so old man, even Pepperidge farm cannot remember. So the phenomenon “Internet” is certainly not new to me. In fact I am pretty sure I cannot live without if anymore.

Hi5, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, these are just few of the social media platforms I participate or participated in. Being social, does not only mean being social in real life. Especially with WiFi and 4G-internet, it is possible to stay connected 24/7 –updating how bored you are, changing your profile picture every fifteen minutes, spamming hi.

Yet I do not only use the internet for the media, I use it for gaming too; Runescape, Maplestory, League of Legends, DOTA, Diablo etc.

Combine that with Skype or Teamspeak and I don’t have to type anymore, we can now all scream and rage at each other with lots of love. Plus, now I can hear if a message was meant to be sarcastic or not –dastard.  

However I am not a complete Barbarian. I like art too and I do artsy stuff. I like drawing. I like singing –yes that is an art, and I like making selfies, because I think I am a piece of art myself. I have a deviantart account and if you are my friend on Facebook, you can experience some of my epic drawing skills and selfies.  

 Though, internet does not only help us keeping in touch with each other. It helps us meeting new people, like how we met Nancy and Alan –nice people really, no I am totally not kissing your asses.  

 Sure, I can all teach you about all these wonderful things, but I cannot chew it for you and feed you. Most of the time –I am pretty sure- I will just give you the link to Youtube and Google. Hey, that is how I learn most of the time, plus I am a horrible teacher, since I am too lazy to explain, so go away with your questions. Thanks.  

  • Meet the need for speed my usefulness for the team.

 But first! Did I already introduce you guys to Google? Seriously, if I do not know something, I google –yeah that is an actual verb, in Dutch at least.

 You type in some keywords, you get result, you no get your desired result, you change your keywords, you still no find your desired result, then… -wait for it- KEEP CALM and DON’T FORGET TO BREATH! Lastly ask you team and -if you still cannot figure it out- send your questions to your contact person of your NGO or your supervisor.  

 Ok no, seriously… Hmm… Nope. Cannot think about anything that makes me useful anymore through digital meaning. Wait, well… if for our strategy guide we need comics, I guess I can be your man woman.   

Sorry, no comic this week, ah so lazy~


PS. I get the point where you explain your Digi ID, but after the part of NGO…. Not really? So I hope I did something right there…

PPS: Have not update it for a loooong timem but if you are interested

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