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week 8

Eight weeks ago, I was confused of this course, what the means of four segments are, what the course goal is, how could this course relate to IDE, now I got the answer, designer are not only the product designer but also should understand their clients’ needs and wants, to satisfy the requirements. So we work for our NGO, we try to know more about NGO, find their needs and wants, then go back to look for what can we bring to them. I think our video is product that we designed for clients.

During the process, we have learned a lot of online communitie, the most important thing for me is crowdsourcing and crowdfungding, and these are very useful platform for idea collection and exchange. I had used to find some projects on crowdsourcing platforms, I was not only work for bonus but also training myself, because there are lots of good designers, they posts their design in the platform, I can saw my weakness if I compared with these works, I like the experiences because it really challenge me and improve me. Now I knew crowdfungding, I though in the beginning of a design idea, designer could collect money from this kind of platform, it is also a good way to communicate the design ideas, designer put their project on the platform, the can get many feedback from supporter, more different ideas could make more innovative design.

I thought simplicity principles are important for design, for example, we have learned four segments that we should turn these into our video, but we don’t need to describe all these four thing to our NGO, we believe more simple are better, we divided these four parts by its importance, spend more time to show the most important part in the video, so our video could looks simple but useful to audience.

Useful, I admire Jobs very much, because his ideas are very simplicity and useful that we can look from the advertisements of APPLE company, Apple product are expensive than many other brand, but it popular all over the world, because it easy to use, touch, and useful. I believe a good designer should simplify this world, save people’s time, make product more useful but simple.

This is the last blog for this course, it recorded my experiences in the eight weeks, when I look back, I can see that I am growing up with my team.

Thanks so much!

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