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This Is It !

We’re almost done, and surprisingly I’m not as stressed as two weeks ago, relating to the project for our NGO. Since we realized, that this is the final spurt, we try to get the best out of each other to finish this project with an excellent and reach our goal in time.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

-Henry Ford - credits to

I really do hope, our Video and Advices can help Maarten, and accordingly Solidaridad. In the past weeks, we spent a lot of time thinking about how to deliver our insights and ideas in an informative and understandable way. But this week’s blogpost is about our reference to using online communities and networks in innovative design

Well, I’m sure that each theme we’ve been through during our project, is important and useful in it’s own way. A design process is set up with a lot of impacts and steps, but the most important thing is the financing of a project. It’s strange, for me to say that money is the most important factor of realizing a design project because actually I think it’s not the key to success. 


Still, money enables an innovator to afford all the required things to start with an projects. The materials, the right people, the manufacturing are all important things but cost you money. 

Before Project Community I didn’t knew what crowdfunding is good for, and how it could help in a design process. Ever since, I concern myself more with crowdfunding, I noticed that a lot of people in my circle of acquaintances is already using crowdfunding. Like this project from two young film directors from frankfurt (my hometown) who need money to realize their documentary film about the gangs of frankfurt in the early 90s, and my cousin is one of the protagonists.

In exchange for contributing, the supporters get benefits like the DVD or even invitation as a VIP-guest at the premier. 

The next part of my blogpost is about design principles for an online community or network. During our project we had to comb through various websides and do researches. For me the old-fashioned quote 'less is more' counts most ! It is easier to orient oneself on a webside with an easy and simple layout. I prefer pale and light colors in web designs, because it looks more professional. In addition the focus is just on the main message of the webside and is not distracted by too strong colors. Since I set high value on aesthetic, it is a large impact for me in web design. Though I like mystery and brainteaser sometimes, in this case,  clear and understandable content is important. At least honesty - in my opinion it is crucial in design. Creating something without believing in it, will lead to an unsatisfying result. If you’re not being honest with what you do, you won’t market it; you won’t reach the people. Being honestly will make the people believe in what you do and none of them can be disappointed. 

To get to the end of this very last blogpost I would like to use the space for some insights and advices for the upcoming next years IDE students. In the beginning we were an confused, scattered crowd without a clue what to do and how. But I can see a progress and development concerning our way of working. My tip would be to set up goals within your projects. It helps to have a project done, step by step. So you can continue when everything is clear. 

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A clear structure and routines are necessary, while working in a group needs a distinct system. Our weekly meetings with or without our tutor were very helpful, since questions and issues can be solved. Take your time to get used to everything but try to put your energy in your teamwork because otherwise you won’t be satisfied in the end. Instead of trying to do everything at once, try to do it step by step. Imagine it like a staircase - you can never reach the door at the end of the staircase with just one step. 

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Thanks for reading or browsing my blog, i hope I can reach people out there who gain insights from my blogposts and support my ideas. 

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Brilliant artist perspective festuring voice and ideas of Inge…

Brilliant artist perspective festuring voice and ideas of Inge Druckery— “Learning to See” brings together ideas of design, space, patterns, observing.

Should use for ds106 in design section!

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