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Confusiams or the backbone of survival

"Confusion" sounds like exact word describing our first Community project class. Not really getting what to do, where to ask or how to find this or that. And that’s exactly what you face in "real life", when you start something valuable.

And then you find out that this guy from your team knows how to deal with this sophisticated “blackboard”, another one recognizes that “module guide” is called “course guide for Project Communities” in the “Course information” folder. Step by step you start putting the pieces of this puzzle together and realize that this course is about:
1. NGOs and MDGs  
2. on-line communities
3. team work
4. you (in connection with 1, 2, 3)

And the goals are:
1. Get to know how do NGOs work and what difficulties they face
2. Learn how to use on-line communities (say, technology) as tools to communicate with the wold.
3. Find out how to work effectively as a team.
4. Make your own tiny contribution into making a world a better place to live.

One of the reasons of applying for IDE course for me was my desire to learn how to make real difference to the world around me, while at the same time having an opportunity to travel and be not bounded to a particular place. This course looks like exactly what I need to implement my plan ;).

Our team project (for our team4eva, as we called it) is to think of the ways for Solidaridad Network to introduce Drupal Commons platform to “an international group of professionals with a diverse cultural background”, presenting our ideas and solutions in a video.  

From my own experience I know that even for a small company an on-line platform could be hard to start with. For the last 2 years I’ve been working for a start up company selling devices of different kinds in Russia. After the two years I realized that we are a bit like "Swan, Pike and Crawfish" from a famous Russian fable by Krylov.

And decided to do my best to synchronize the objectives within our team, encouraging others to use corporate network was a part of this task. This experience could be useful in dealing with our task for Project communities as well.

So I feel enthusiasm in the end, not only confusion ;).   

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