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To begin with, I think that this course is a good way to learn how to work in a team, how to…

To begin with, I think that this course is a good way to learn how to work in a team, how to organize your project and team project.

community project is a term applied to any community-based project. This covers a wide variety of different areas within a group of networking entities.

According to Dennis D. McDonald (2008), community has a more complex and subtle meaning that refers not only to group members, who are sharing a common goal but also to their internalization of the community’s goals at a more fundamental level than just a simple agreement or disagreement. 

Сommunity project is an integral concept that shows not only how people work together as a team, but as a project organized, how relationship between group members influence on the project, and how the work is actually performed. The success of the work is to ensure that all people in the group were involved in its creation.

Motivation playes an important role in comminity project. People should feel pashionate to the project because, that the more committed one is to a project’s success, the more likely the project will be a success. (Filev, 2009) From the very beginning it is necessary to determine which advantages and disadvantages people have. Also people should define which roles they play in their community (Team leader, coordinator, designer, creator and others). Maximum productivity of the team will lead to successful implementation of any job for any period of time. All project participants need to understand the what exactly they do which will help communities understand the role of project.image

After that, we have to write a plan of our work. What are we going to do first, second and third. We have to do a lot of research about the subject.

And of course we will use social networks, this is a simple way to communicate with eachother. It is very good to share your ideas with your group members when they are far away from you and of course, when they read it, they will better understand what you are exactly mean. There are a lot of different usefull websites, which can help you to communicate faster with eachother, like meetingwords or google+

Also I think that this blogs will be really usefull to understand your groupmates better and faster.



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Why am I blogging instead of sleeping?

Friday evening and the gmail tile  on my phone says I have 2 messages. I never use my gmail so this must be more stuff on project communities. I’ll read it Monday morning, now is weekend time and I have enough to do because on top of my normal weekend with shopping and washing and the football matches of my two sons, my oldest son is celebrating his 10th birthday and he is having a sleepover party. You can probably fill 10 blogposts about the how and why of kids sleepover parties, anyway it just means that after this I will be more worn out than the Ikea stairs after the christmas sale. And then of course my curiosity gets the better of me and I do read it. Nancy wants us to set a good example and write a blog. Ow shit, now that thought will be stuck in my mind for the whole weekend.

And yes it was stuck there and now here I sit with the kids in bed, the diswasher going for the 3rd time today and most of the debris swept under the sofa. The thing is, I have way too much sense of responsibility. That’s why I never started that blog for buddhist moms and also not the one on critical thinking for designers. Cause a blog is something that you have to keep up, you have to have rhythm and you have to be in dialogue with the comments. Too much commitment, I am not starting stuff I can’t finish . I have seen last year how Laura and Shahab were completely immersed in project communities and involved like 24/7. It’s probably a great way to develop good relationships with the students but the total immersion that’s not for me. It would drive me nuts. So I’ll stick to my policy of not friending students on facebook and maybe I’ll remove to gmail tile from my phone and just check it during work hours. But knowing myself I’ll probaly be writing another blog post or answering a facebook question at some Sunday evening in the future. That’s fine with me.

So what was Nancy’s question again? What do I expect to learn from this project? Loads of things. To reevaluate my use of social media and the work/private blur. To get ideas on how to use communites in my minor Smart Life Rhythms. To have more practical ideas on how to build and nurture a community in a way so that other people will join in in doing the work. A nice starting point would be the football club of my sons, where we need to get more volunteers activated. But who knows what new types of communities I will find, create or mash up so I’ll be spending more Sunday evenings happily typing when I should be sleeping…

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