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1 Down, lots more to go

As weeks went by every week with a new subject my opinion changed frequently sometimes on one topic and others in all of what we learned, changed my mind on the importance of the week’s subjects. I can not name one specific “most important” subject from the things we learned throughout  the weeks, specially since they were all of great importance and each one of them plays a part in what I’m about to say.

The most important thing I learned in this class is how much effort has to be put in things in order to get everything right, no matter how successful your business is, you will always have problems and sometimes you’ll get stuck on them, but nowadays just as we learned there are tons of solutions to our problems like how much you can improve your business just by dividing groups in a more functional way or the many existing ways on how to raise money for a cause or a project like donating or lending or even the more direct subject like crowd sourcing were you can actually as for help from the world to solve or help with your problem and I also think that your relation with every person you work with should be always in shape, working with Solidaridad and being assigned to this challenge helped me realize how big of a role a good online workplace has on a organization or a company, how big of a mess things will be if you don’t communicate with your co-workers. These things are all what I judge, to be the most importante things I learned during this class.

I could talk about every design principle some more than the others because they are all there for a reason, they are important for everything to go right and smooth, but I think the top ones would be, simplicity and maintainability, maintaining a business is always an challenge, maintainability was a key aspect for me because it has a lot in it depending on the way you see it, for you to maintain you also need to be efficient, consistent, readable, timeless, balanced, flexible and a lot more things so it really is a broad term and simplicity because there are many ways to go wrong by adding to many things, keeping it simple is usually the best option for many subjects and projects. And also be innovative and different, you can maintain something consistent, something that works, something safe, but without risks at some point your business is going to be boring and old so you sometimes need to take more risks and be flexible in order to be efficient, timeless or long lasting. What happends to solidaridad is kind of what I said, they are a great organization but they got to a point where they need to do something new with their intranet to get the attention of the global workers to come and work all together and not depend on separate online networks.


That’s it people, last one

Thanks for Reading my posts


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In these weeks we were pointed at some pretty cool and helpful subjects such as crowdsourcing and funding but this week’s subject, marketing and customer support is a game changer, at least for my group in my opinion.

Our challenge being how to introduce a platform to Solidaridad our NGO which is an international organization filled with workers all over the globe and who work in different areas and with different products that at this moment work in separate platforms or communities, talking and sharing data in no official way or place, is really hard, people are used to this way of working, what they don’t know is that it would be much easier to work with everyone in only one ideal place for the whole organization, and that is our job, to help convince them that it in deed is the best way to work.

And that is where the customer support subject from this week kicks in, if we manage to give the right suggestions(hopefully we will) and it ends up working, the customer support is a way for the employees and employers to give their own feedback on how the new intranet is going, if it needs any kind of change or if it really is what they needed, it’s our job to make the right suggestions but the NGO is the one who is making the decisions and last but not least, they are the ones who decide the budget.

Don’t get me wrong all the other subjects from the past weeks are really important as well but this one is what will help us the most. the first reason as I said with the use of customer support the workers will have a say in what the NGO is doing in terms of the new intranet, after all it is for THEM, every comment or suggestion will be of use and will help them improve and solve what’s wrong.

The second reason is for the users, when they have trouble understanding how it works, if at some point during the use or if something is going to be added, any kind of new feature, someone is always going to have some problems with it and the NGO probably is not going to give tutorial on how to use everything, specially not when little things are added, so the customer support will be of great help for the ones without the gift of “fast web understanding” that most young people have.

And the third reason why this week’s subject is superior to the others in terms of helping our group’s project isn’t as much for the NGO as it is for us, Solidaridad surely has their marketing experts to help them, but we don’t, the marketing part of this week is helping us sell our own suggestions in a better way or maybe in a clearer way, a way that they will see our point and understand more easily WHY they really do need to use the new intranet, from the information we’re passing on to them, which involves all the other weekly subjects. Marketing is what makes every idea sound cooler.

The marketing and customer support part seems to be more important for me then for other people in other groups or maybe even in my group, it’s a bummer because I really think it would help but as Luca and Siras from group 6 said they are having the same problem as my group, not receiving as much information from NGO about the intranet as we were promised so without that it’s kind of hard to think about customer support, because we don’t know what is the stage the intranet is on, if it’s ready or if it’s going in the right direction for them. So as Maarten said in one of our classes…”sometimes you have to KILL YOUR DARLINGS”

Almost there guys, see ya next week

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ME, we, networks and week 4

Week 4 was very interesting, we are not used to talk about our let’s say…onlineselves, specially because we do things without noticing, we search, we find, we join, we participate, we leave, we contribute to the communities in a daily basis but as we were introduced this week to the process of the “Me, we and networks”, we analyzed separately each of this steps about ourselves and found out where we are most and less comfortable working with.

As Siras from group 6 said the “Me” part or the individual part which is the part I am most comfortable in, “refers to an individual using the internet for “hunting and harvesting” information or data without interacting with others. This was my initial introduction to the internet as a child” and I think that we all were introduced like that, was what made as the generation we are today, since our parents were not born in the computer era and could not teach us the right way to use the internet we were slowly getting in to the process of how every detail worked without any help whatsoever, self-teaching through time without any contact with others “harvesting information” which is still what I do the most today, and as we developed our skills the internet and the web itself developed as well.


- Harvesting the hell out this thing

Going in the “we”part, which now I’m very comfortable as most people from our generation are too, thanks to all the communities that exist making us able to contact friends, colleagues, family, coworkers. Me being a part of a bunch of these communities such as facebook, tumblr, last fm, instagram and other communities that allow myself benefit from other people’s work and contribute to each one of these in a way and assuming that everyone in our groups did what they were asked they probably realized as I did, how much we’ve grown since we started using our first computers and how much we’ve learned simply by clicking on things, reading and talking to people on the internet, which leads to the “Networks” part now that everyone, exceptions aside, is getting more comfortable with, specially me, being used to the internet individualism and quietness.  Talking to strangers and sharing information with them in different platforms is still something the I need to get used to but is also something that is becoming more and more common, very important to work with the networks specially nowadays where most of the companies have both national and international centers that need to be in contact with each other at all times. kids born in the last few years, they not only out do us but they are comfortable with the fact that they don’t know the person but they want to share with them right there, always with it’s downsides but that’s amazing, how much we evolved on the internet communities matter.

If we are already doing all these amazing things, what could possibly come next?

Never forgetting that we also need to have a life outside of it and with all bad things aside, the internet and the communities are mostly here to help us and we are here to make the most out of them

See you guys next week


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