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Be Generous!

It was great to have a week off. I have still worked very hard around the house as we’ve moved the boys from 1 room into 2 rooms. But I definitely needed a break from the university. Too much workand not enough time, it’s one of those things. The wake-up call for me was during our last hang-out. One student made a comment that he thought a question in the assignment sounded like  a question from 3 years ago. My own first thought was  “Come on, discrediting a question because you are too lazy to really look into it, those tactics might work in high school or when you catch me unawares maybe, but can you please start acting like a mature student and not like a ….” But Nancy handled it perfectly, at the same time explaining the question very well and putting the student in his place in a mild way. That made me realise that if I had answered that question I would just have shown my annoyance, and nobody would have really learned anything from it. One of the side effects of stress for me is a very low irritation treshhold. When it’s hard to get rid of the stress, I try to remind myself to be generous. Because after all it’s not just about the results but very much about the way in which we achieve them. And to my amazement ‘be generous’ was one of the 7 learnings of the composer of my favourite newsletter: Brainpickings: . The next 3 weeks will be again very stressful and I will be reminding myself to try and be generous. Generous to my students, colleagues, family and also to myself!

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