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Seeking Enlightenment

I’m glad I did not post my weekly faculty post last night because today’s hangout gives me something much richer and more important to reflect upon.


At a distance, thousands of miles away, I try and imagine what you students are doing in your Monday class time. What are the faculty team members doing? What conversations are happening? What are people “getting” and what are they struggling with? What is the level of energy, engagement and motivation?

Well, if today’s hangout was my sole source of information, I’m worried. There were some moments of preparedness and engagement (THANK YOU!) There were technical difficulties (curse you, WIFI!). And there were some really awkward moments when people tried to ask questions, but, from where I sit, were not prepared. It just felt OFF. Was it just me?

So I ask myself:

  • What can I learn from our site stats in terms of learners accessing and using course materials? How can that inform our next steps?
  • What do I need to coordinate better with my fellow faculty members? How will that best support positive team outcomes?
  • What can I personally do better next week?

Here is what I’m thinking below.  I’d love to know your perspectives, ideas and what you can do. Because in the end, that is what we can control! Ourselves.

What can I learn from the Site Stats

Here are a few screen shots I grabbed from the admin interface of our class site. It looks like many people clicked into this week’s assignments. Phew! And less than clicked into the grading list, which is a change from previous weeks. Does that mean you now care more about what you are doing next? 😉 I’m surprised that the home page has proportionately so many more hits. Some of my assumptions are that everyone starts there as a jumping off point, but if that were do, there would be more hits on other pages. Or maybe the public is looking at our front page a lot? What do you think.

So far, so good. On to the next screenshot.


This next screenshot gives us a sense of what links you clicked. It does NOT tell us hits on the videos because they are embedded, so it is not a hugely accurate piece of information. But if one assumes that there is useful content in the links, I’d hope to see more clicks into the resource pages… So this causes me to ask: is the content useful? If yes, have we given sufficient attention to asking you to look it it? If it is not, would you tell us? IF you are still left with questions, will you ask us??


What do I need to coordinate better with my fellow faculty members?

OK, now I have to ask myself, how can I improve how I can work best with my fellow faculty at a distance. I realize I need to get a better sense of how each one is working with the teams so I don’t work at cross purposes. Fellow faculty, what could I do differently that would help? One piece of feedback about this week is that there are THREE elements and that is too much. My thinking was that they have a lot of time between now and the 28th but that may be unfair. Or unrealistic.

Lets figure that out.

What can I personally do better next week?

This is where I need your help. Again, at a distance, with you synchronously only 30 minutes a week, I feel I have a lot of blind spots. Can you tell me what is working and I should do more of? What is not helping and I should stop doing? Something new I should be doing? Do you need an incentive to respond?


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Daily Page View Snapshots – Curious?

I am going to try and regularly share some screenshots of the page view stats. We can also show you “behind the scenes” of the blog if you wish.

I find it interesting to see which pages get the most page views. This week, the blogs are moving up in attention. That is a great sign!

What pages were  popular Sept 18

What pages were popular Sept 18


What pages were  popular Sept 19

What pages were popular Sept 19

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