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Group 4 Project: International Internal Communication for Solidaridad Network

Group: Group 4
Tutor: Janneke Sluijs
Client: Solidaridad Network
Contact person: Maarten van Leeuwen

Final Project Video

About Solidaridad Network


Solidaridad is an international organization dedicated to responsible food production to feed the growing world population and to providing the world with an alternative to fossil fuels like oil and gas.

Solidaridad is convinced that the agricultural sector can produce more efficiently so that it will be able to feed the world population in 2050, as well as supply energy and plastic to the industry. That is why Solidaridad is investing in enterprising farmers in developing countries and putting emphasis on the improvement of their land use, so that production can increase while at the same time harm to people and the environment is decreased.

Mining and industry need to switch to a responsible means of production. Worker rights are respected and the environment is preserved for future generations, keeping intact its potential.

Solidaridad focuses on the production chains that matter worldwide and where changes have great impact: coffee, tea, cacao, fruit, textiles, cotton, soy, palm oil, sugar cane, gold and cattle breeding.

An international development organization in development

Solidaridad Network is an international organization in development. The organization has 10 regional expertise centers around the globe working together on building sustainable supply chains. Due to rapid growth the organization faces interesting challenges when it comes to its own learning & knowledge exchange. To improve internal communications & community building between its regional expertise centers an intranet facility will be rolled out at the end of September 2013.

Solidaridad Network decided to use Drupal Commons as an open source platform to build social intranet. Peer 2 peer learning & knowledge exchange by blogging, commenting, tracking event schedules and document exchange.

Your Challenge: International internal communication

Solidaridad faces some interesting challenges for successful implementation of the intranet social platform:

  • How do we introduce this platform to an international group of professionals with a diverse cultural background? How can we make them use the platform within their personal working methods?

About Drupal Commons

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