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Project Community Collaborative Notes October 14, 2013

Our meetingwords notes from today

Note from Nancy: I am also posting this in announcements as I sense few look at the notes. 

I noticed we had few questions, few typed in meetingwords, fewer notes. My question to the whole Project Community membership, what can we do to make this a better use of everyone’s time? Students, what do you need? Where can we as your faculty team do better?

Faculty team, what do we need/want from the students?

Chat is pasted below the notes.

What is the framework for our notes today? Q&A

Group 1

  • no questions

Group 2

  • No notes/questions

Group 3

  • done – no one took notes

Group 4

  • no questions

Group 5

  • Should you use a small or large network when marketing?

Group 6

  • no question

Group 7

  • No notes

Group 8

  • no questions

Group 9

  • Should we focus purely on the internal marketing or Solidaridad, or also on the external for our final presentation?

– Is your primary agreement with your client about internal? (ask maarten)

– Generally keep it simple, and do one thing well.

General Notes;

There is a difference between giving information and telling a story. Since it is hard to get noticed nowadays, it will be important to consider this when delivering messages.

Nancy said; this was a weird meeting * (questions have no direction)

Efe suggested the questions in the assignment feel as if they were written three years ago. What does marketing have to do with their projects? this is for internal use, how does marketing come in?

Response to Efe’s questions,

A: Who will the project involve? Internal staff. How will they know about it? How will they understand “what’s in it for me” — the value proposition – so that I will participate. That is marketing. How will you make sure that people not simply ignore the new social platform, how is it relevant to them? Also an internal group is a target group.

Also: ask questions. If you feel that a question/assignment to you doesn’t make sense; ask questions to clear things up.

Test your story board on people who wouldnt normally have a clue. If this makes sense to them, you did a good job.


Group 8: Group 8 is here

6:41unnamed: i cant find the link either


7:04Nancy: The hangout link now is also regularly posted in the FB group so you have a backup

Online, offline --> learning, connecting, doing at least a little bit of good. Offline--> family, garden, chocolate!

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