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Meeting Notes from September 30

MeetingWords Hangout Notes for Project Community September 30th 2013

 Group Questions

 The awesome Group 1 Questions: 

Advice of how we can get the best out of the group?

  • Let’s start with what you have done to set up your group so far? What is working? What is not working? for some of us it is easier to work alone. But some people like also to work in teams. We experienced that working in group-sizes of 3 is very good working

Do you know any roles to give some of our groupmembers, to divide more tasks?

  • What roles do you have already? -> just a teamleader

What do you think is the ideal group size? –> for what? On working on a project like ours?

  • what did you learn from the video w/ Chris in terms of group size? EVEN group-sizes work better for stabilizing in teams. ODD numbers are better for creativity. And also work creative by your own and than reflect in to the group.
  • GROUP 4 divided their tasks: individual work, scenario, graphic design, video…


Put them randomly together, or is it better to choose the group by themself?

  • There are generally two approaches – build on people’s indivdiual strengths (good for short term projects) or work on building up everyone’s skills. Then you can assign from there.

Are there differences between group-sizes for creative works, Ideal group-size? ->

  • Again, let me know your hypothesis from the Chris video, ok? EVEN group-sizes work better for stabilizing in teams. ODD numbers are better for creativity. And also work creative by your own and than reflect in to the group.


Group 1, group 9 could answer that (which one?) for you since they have already done that… get their attention. 🙂 ****************(2nd question)

Group 2 Questions:

Is it necessary to limit our crowdsourcing tools to 2? And if yes then why?

  • No, the only reason we suggested two was to put some boundary on the amount of work we asked you to do. The main thing is to develop an effective potential solution. If you pick more, make sure you give your REASON for picking more. Make sure you give a reason/justify for picking more (sometimes more can introduce challenges as well)

Tips for improving group organisation?

  • – have a plan / Agreements!
  • surface assumptions
  • check in frequently (do you need something from the team?)
  • have a visual way to track tasks (i.e. tools like KANBAN)
  • don’t work when hungry
  • watch out for English language misinterpretations


Group 3:

What can help to make sure everybody stays interested?

  • Find out what “really interests” people and build off of that?
  • Rules — > agreements
  • Share food/drink/chocolate


Group 4: 

– What are the main problems the groups normally face?

– What is the factor of success for the project oriented group work?

– Do you have any advices to make a group work better together?

– What are the best ways to solve disagreements in the groups?

– How to keep all the group members motivated and involved?

  • See the questions I asked group one. Context matters.


Group 5:

Is it ok if we use GOGO’s name while we are developing different campaigns?

  • you should ask your client…

Could you give us feedback for our video introduction plan?:

1.Few words about GOGO – when it was created, who created it.

2.Purpose and goals


4.What has been done so far.

5.What is needed for the future.

All the points regard the gogorobi foundation.

  • I’ll comment on the livestream when we get to your group, OK?
  • – think about what is appropriate for org. They have theme of music, something with a metaphor or a story that wraps the points around some real people. Music bringing people together. So the narrative thread. Story, Commercial. Build to important point. grab people’s attention. Alan happy to brainstorm. He is a visual thinker.

Yes, thanks.

 Group 7 Q&A:

How do we connect to the live stream? Can anyone provide a link?

We are thinking of incorporating a weekly 15min blitz-meeting in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page – do you have any other suggestions or measures to ensure proper communication within a group?

  • visual project mangement approach like Kanban
  • blitz is a good idea. Some folks do this standing up to keep the meeting compact.
  • Nice use of team role clarity
  • Keep track of i

 Group 8 Questions:

How should we define online groups that apply to your area of research for your NGO? Where do we find those?

  • Group 8, did you watch this week’s video? Last week’s video? Both are relevant. When you get more specific questions, let me know. But this question is pretty generic, so I’m not quite sure how to respond!

 Group 9

1. We are now got to see how most of the hats apply to our NGO individually. However, we are having troubles connecting them together. Do you have any examples or insights of how this can be done?

  • Lets talk about this when your turn comes up on hangout
  • Pick the ones that make most sense to your NGO’s challenge. It may not be ALL of them. Be strategic.
  •  See if there’s any sequence. If there is, then work on it to connect them together.

2. Is there any framework used by large coorporation to keep their objectives alligned with individual department efforts? For example, a large company, has a common objective breaks up their task into groups, and those groups break up there task into groups to achieve their objectives. Is there any framework for keeping this allinged?

  • here is my OPINION (not fact) – always keep high level goals visual, clear and simple as possible and then give people lattitude to deliver towards that without micro managing. Then develop the practice of asking “does this step/project/etc. get us closer to our goals?
  • If something does NOT align w/ goals, time to talk to your manager.
  • Read “A Year Without Pants”

3. How do you structure larger groups into a smaller groups in order to make sure that everyone in the group has a specific roles to do, so that all groups could work on their project in the most efficient way?

  • There are lots of ways. Did you hear how Ciere described their team structure on the hangout? There were lots of ideas today.
  • What have you tried so far?

 Questions for Maarten 

The communicator should connect with Maarten on facebook: Maarten has more time on monday + friday 16.00 – 18.30 hour.. The double-plattform will be availale on Friday!!!! Maarten blogs in the morning what happend in the evening, than has breakfast, and also in the evening, (maarten is working for solidaridad + start his own company)

How flexible is drupal? – it is flexible and not.. hard to make drupal, what you want. You can see the options for designing a drupal-template… using blogs and put them in context…need a little bit of programming html…

MvL: Drupal technology has flexible theming, Drupal Commons has some restrictions but there are work arounds. It depends on time & budget to see if that works.

 Some questions about personal branding:- What is the personal branding policy for Solidaridad? – Do you ever find that the personal branding efforts of an individual in your organization solely fulfill the purpose of a self-promotion campaign without aiding teamwork and co-operation or honestly articulating their unique value proposition?- Has anyone on your team tried to ensure that all co-workers are able to freely and fully represent their own brand, without feeling torn between what they want to be and how their coworkers see them?- How flexible are personal brands, i.e. how can workers go about redefining their brand? Do you ensure that there is some reasonable level of consistency in how workers represent themselves?

Crowdsourcing:- Do you want to use (more) crowdsourcing for getting ideas for improvement WITHIN the company? (and what are you using at the moment) What sort of tools have helped your company so far?

Work teams: – How are the work teams organized within the company? – For what aspects does Solidaridad use workteams?

Crowdfunding:- Does your company use crowdfunding for projects? And if not, do you think crowdfunding can help you in the process of the project and why (not)? And which kind of crowdfunding do you think u need? And If its cash do you have any budget?

30-09-2013 [Work Teams]

“What size group is most useful for the design part of open and innovative design and why?

 What online architecture, tools and processes support successful design teams?

The lable underneath is called the “lower third app\”

A good tool I have used for group communication via twitter- Grouptweets allows people to tweet from their own accounts and have it published out to a shared twitter account

We are expecting something yummy tomorrow Patrick…

Nancy, was the name of the book, “a world without ANTS? or Without PANTS?”  Scott Berkun

I couldn’t understand you. (Laura) Isabel just looked it up – PANTS!

 Lessons from This Week’s Hangout

  • Thanks Nancy, Thanks Alan, Thanks Maarten and THANKS Meggie for hosting today! GREAT HANGOUT GUYS!!!!!!
  • proud to see the hangout going so much better! (Laura)
  • YAY! (your twin in turquoise)
    • visualizing inter dependencies
    • Check ins
    • Hearing from client
    • easier – no background noise and echo, simpler to set up (smaller group)
    • Short!
    • alignment is key in anything, this way of communication is very useful, something we can learn
    • great example of how to deal w/ a non ideal situation. Created a better strategy, communication vs changing the technology
    • helped to check w/ people before hand – prep time helped.
    • interesting to see meetingwords at same time.
    • a time limit would be great per group


Group 1: hey we are here

5:20awesome group 9: we are in!

5:28group 8: halo

6:10Janneke: Let’s use this part for chatting

6:16Group 7 :D: Group 7 is here 🙂

6:19Group 6 : sup

6:19Group 7 :D: How can we follow the live stream ?

6:28unnamed: Group 5 here

6:28Group 5: .

6:32Group 7 (Solidaderos): hello

6:41Janneke: let’s use this one for chatting from now on

6:41vinici: sorry

6:42Anna: happy birthday patryk

6:56Janneke: To group 1: please add information if you have it – now via text

6:56Group 5: should we post the questions of the group to meeting words

6:57Group 5: or should just our spokesman ask them

6:57Group 5: directly ?

6:59Laura: Nancy, we have the same color 🙂

7:00Laura: Nancy, let me find alan for you,

7:02Laura: What’s the direct hangout link? For Maarten v Leeuwen… he’ll be joining us

7:03Laura: Meggie?

7:17Laura: Maarten van Leeuwen is going to join us….

7:20Group 7 (Solidaderos): happy birthday patryk!

7:43Laura: Thank you Nancy, I keep trying to ask this! Group 9!

7:50Laura: nothing else except that we need a time limit for each group next time

7:51Laura: yes



Online, offline --> learning, connecting, doing at least a little bit of good. Offline--> family, garden, chocolate!

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