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Meetingwords Notes from September 9

firstmeetingwords13(Just to share the process, I first “cleaned up” the notes – removed the color markings, fixed a few formatting and typo things, then I did a cut/paste so I could blog them here. The formatting gets a bit wonky with cut and paste, but I could clean it up easily.)


Welcome to our Project Community MeetingWords note-taking page for today!
September 9, 2013
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Today our online bit is short and sweet.
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What is the Value of Collaborative Meeting Notes?
  • Capture key ideas
  • How can you help us with our studies and what is the way to contact you?
    • Nancy White is at or choconancy on Skype … I’ll also follow the FB group and the Q&A area on the site
    • Alan Levine is or cogdogblog on Skype — I do not do much in Facebook, but also on twitter as @cogdog
  • Which is better to find one big investor or to look for a couple of small ones?
    • What is the context? It matters
    • fundraising strategy of gogorobi foundation(preservation of tradition of Caribbean).
    • Do they have a great existing network of individuals who might contribute? Do those people have great networks? Do they have a good set of larger funder contacts? Are they willing to do what a large funder wants them to do?
  • What disadvantages does network communities have? G5
    • Do you mean communities that mainly interact online?
    • yes
    • Let’s explore that question as we go. I think there are lots of different perspectives on this issue!
  • G9: Is open source software the biggest crowd sourcing collaboration ever?
    • Lets try and find out the answer? Longest lived? Biggest? SuccessfuL? Compared to Wikipedia?
  • G9: Are Kickstarter campaigns the most effective crowd funding method?
    • Context?
    • As you explore crowd-funding mechanisms, try and see what is similar and different between them. Try and understand why successful campaigns ARE successful. Search for stories on the internet — a lot is being written about this these days
  • G9: Does focusing on marketing too much hamper innovation because what is cutting-edge isn’t necessarily marketable?
    • At what point in the innovation cycle?
    • What is the value of a product if no one knows about it or uses it?
  • G9: Is it easier to market ideas to big businesses than to end consumers?
    • Market what? Context matters.
  • G4 Why you decided to take part in this course?
    • I was invited… cool people, great challenge!
  • What other projects you take part in?
    • Alan: Made a site recently for an organization in Canada using art to deal with Reconciliation Treaty issues with First nations people
    • Nancy: Working on an action research project to develop a useful online collaboration platform assessment protocol –
    • About to teach two Graphic Facilitation workshops in Canada
    • Supporting a network of network facilitators in E. and S. Africa
    • Planning a big meeting in Oct for an organization undergoing a big transition (painful)
    • Reviewing two articles for a journal
    • Beta testing a collaboration platform
    • Planning facilitation for a large Tech for Agriculture meeting in Rwanda, another team meeting in Kenya and a “write shop” in Cali, Columbia
  • What is Drupal common 3.0. Do you have any experience dealing with this particular platform?
    • What depth of experience? I can point you to a few people… I have not used this version. I’m more familiar w/ old stuff – NW
  • How can we as students get our hands on a demo version ? As we are not part of a company – g6
    • Drupal should be available for free download. If not, let me know, i’ll try and find a source. Email me directly – nw
  • How can we make an individual meetingwords just for the group ?
    • Just type in and create one + share the url.
    • Make sure you capture your notes and save the URL later
  • What are the steps that we have to take in order to complete  our assignment?
    • Well, first step would be to learn about your NGO and try and understand the strategic needs of their challenge. Get as specific as you can.
  • G7: What can we do wrong (common mistakes etc.)?
    • Biggest mistake: not question your own assumptions. We often fall into the traps we make for ourselves.
    • Not asking for help, being afraid to be open with ideas
  • g7 The things we end up designing or coming up with, is there a chance of those being translated into real life?
    • Ooh, great question. Lets keep that one alive as we begin. I think if the solution really meets the needs of the “client” it may have a real chance of living!!



Online, offline --> learning, connecting, doing at least a little bit of good. Offline--> family, garden, chocolate!

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