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One Last Powerful Kick for a Perfect GOAL!!

As the Week 8 starts, I fell glad and regret at the same time. I fell glad because I finished the first Module of IDE with no such big mistakes. In the contrast, I fell regretful because I could do more good than what I did so far. I really learned a lot about how to become a successful person in this field and how teamwork is very important in this field. Also, how the use of online communities or network can be useful.

Talking about online communities or network, I think it is the most important use toward my goal of solving the unmet need of NGO. The first reason is because by using the online communities or network, we can share and talk about one’s idea to others more easier. It is a digital native world now. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Hangout, Skype, and etc. can be used very usfully just by downloading it in my computer. We can share in words by typing or by seeing each other by video-chatting. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Hangout, Skype, and etc. can be used very usfully just by downloading it in my computer. We do not have to meet each person we want to talk to by face to face, but just have to post things in their pages. Of course, this may bring to a bad hobbies of being a computer nerd and not coming outside or not trying to meet people, but since the world is still running and technology has been improved more than the past, we have to follow it. We just need to control it by using the online communities or network in a good way. Do not become a slave of computer! Next, best way to spread words to others not just people close to me, but to people around the world. If I just post what I want to say in my own online communities or network, every person (in Facebook, usually who is ‘Friends’ with me and in Twitter, people who ‘Follows’ me) can see it and if they want, they can spread it to other people which they are ‘Friends’ or ‘Following’ with. It is more easier than the past days, where they spread and share what they want to say by senting letters or directly meeting to that person in person. I am not saying meeting in face to face is bad, but sometimes it can be too complex to meet someone in face to face if they are in another country as me. Too far to go meet them. Again, if one just control themselves in using the technology, it will be the most perfect and helpful and easy way to spread my words. Lastly, we can share ideas in different kinds of ways, which is more visually good. In the past, we only could share by talking, drawing, or writing by myself. Of course, writing or drawing with my hand is good and shows one’s true heart. However, these days, technology and design has improved at the same time. People (like the company mostly) are requiring us to show them more visually good works. We can make moving slides with Powerpoint or Prezi to describe about something, which is more fashionable and good at impact. These are the reasons why I think online communities or network are important.

Ending the last posting of my Blog Post, I really think blog posting is very helpful activity to me. At the beginning, I thought I was doing this just for my grades. However, now I think this activity has helped me in  writing and sharing my ideas or thoughts to others. Before this, I felt a little afraid of writing my thoughts in my online community because I thought what if others, who read this, think of me as a fool of posting these writing here. But now, I don’t feel like that and I got more courage of blog posting. Maybe I should really start a Blog of my own to share my ideas and give information to others (for example, about the life of Netherlands to people who is interested in Netherlands!). Of course, I had difficulty in understanding the topic and wrote stuff that is non-sense, which made you think what is she talking about, but I think by those mistakes, I am learning more and can improve myself.

It was a great experience and thank you all for giving me this nice chance!
And thank you for reading my post!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Lee Ji Eun (Jennifer)
2 comments on “One Last Powerful Kick for a Perfect GOAL!!
  1. Nancy White says:

    When I read this “Maybe I should really start a Blog of my own to share my ideas and give information to others” I said YES! Do it! I have learned so much through my blogging. It has helped me think through challenges, share what I have learn and connect with people – often in unexpected ways. It also has helped my writing!

    In the end, this is just a little belated thank you for being part of project community!



  2. Laura says:

    And thank you for posting so quickly and by giving it your best. I would like you to concentrate on your English next time you write things. Have someone read it for you to help you improve.

    Add more breaks in your texts to make it easier to read, and if you start by talking about your goal to solve the unmet need, please also tell us what that is and HOW you plan to solve it. You never mention it again after that.

    But thanks for writing and sharing, as always!
    🙂 Laura

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