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#7 Broaden the Market

We have learned 4 themes: crowdsourcing, work team, crowdfunding, and marketing. Among the 4 themes, I think marketing is the most important and efficient thing to solve the unmet needs of the Solidaridad. 

Before the project community class, I’ve never heard about Solidaridad. I did not know what is about and it took some time for me to understand what Solidaridad is and what it stands for. If people do not know the organization, all other themes can not work out well. For example, crowdsourcing needs people. Even if the organization prepared all other things for crowd funding such as blogs or social networks, there won’t be enough people participating because people don’t even know that there’s such blogs or websites waiting for their idea. For crowd funding as well, need to be well-known to the people to expect more involvement. People can see as much as they know and as much as they see, they spend more time and money. This is the reason why marketing is the key to both crowd sourcing and crowd funding.

All things are based on relationships. Seller and buyer, company and customers…all about relationships. People buy what they are familiar to. For example, when I have to make a contract with mobile phone company, I chose T-mobile among a lot of companies because that’s what I heard about the most in the Netherlands and my roommates are using it now. Like this, people choose what they heard about the most, maybe famous or well-known. That is why APPLE sells millions of products than other companies. To increase customer, the company should focus on advertising the company. 

Then, what makes successful marketing? Brilliant ideas and stable company. People wants something new, brilliant, and creative. If the company market themselves with creative ways of advertising, I’m so sure that people will get interested. However, even people get interested, the companies should show their stability to make people purchase or fund. Imagine there are two companies, which is 50 years old and 5 years old. People trust the older one more because they agree that there’s some reason for the company stays stable for 50 years. The company should have experienced some failures and experiments for 50 years and this is why people choose it. 

For Solidaridad, marketing it key to improve their unmet needs. Make as much people as possible to be on your side!

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This post was originally published at the Project Community blog: Keisha :)
2 comments on “#7 Broaden the Market
  1. Nancy White says:

    Ah, I see an unanswered question in the comments! Hmmm…. an unmet need, perhaps. (One thing I learned early on when I started blogging was how important it is to respond to blog comments, even if briefly, so people know their question or comment was actually “heard” by the author.

    I’m also interested in the advice you’d give to next year’s students. What do you think?

    Thanks for being part of Project Community


  2. Laura says:

    Choosing a company will have more criteria than just age of the company, but I do agree that Marketing will be very important for Solidaridad. I also think that both internal as well as external marketing stategies will need to be implemented.
    And what exactly is their unmet need?

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