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WEEK 6: Internal vs External Marketing

On the subject of Marketing there are many views, opinions, and methods to achieve the same objective. This objective is to transform and idea, service or product into a desirable good, by appealing to specific target groups. Marketing can have many different applications, and has interesting similarities with Personal Branding. Marketing is the term used for the general subject of making products appealing to an audience. What if that product was a person? This would make the theories and knowledge we learned in Personal Branding a form of marketing technique. 

I think Marketing is so widely influential because we are all subject to the forces of our own perception. Our perception helps us differentiate between the things that interest us & those that don’t. So marketing essentially is a tool used to cater to specific groups or individuals interests. This perception problem makes us choose, our community, friends, education, favourite brands, services or companies. Defining ourselves in such a way creates the context we choose to live in, but ultimately also forms the way in which we want to be perceived. This cycle, of perceiving & being perceived is the reason why Marketing is such a hit.

To come back to Personal branding, which i will know define as finding yourself & your interest, then turns into Personal Marketing. The beauty or perhaps the pitfall of marketing is that the principle stays the same, however the way you go about doing it can change.

Seeing Marketing in such a way, now brings us to the internal vs external marketing. To me, Internal marketing for example by a company , would be much like defining yourself, your interests & what people stand for, but for a company. The external marketing has to do with how this ideology you call a personal brand is perceived by the outside world, and how you go about promoting it.

This is what I think about when I hear Marketing, and what it actually means.

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3 comments on “WEEK 6: Internal vs External Marketing
  1. Dilay says:

    Hey Maurice,
    What is your groups challenge and for which NGO ?
    And how could Marketing be useful for your NGO ?

  2. Maurice Schill says:

    The way I see it, is that the external marketing branding should consist of a form of aggregate of the internal brands. However in a large corporation this often can become quite complicated. In the end, no, the internal branding should have the same underlying message the external branding has. The difference is the amount of information shared, for privacy, integrity, and security aspects of people & in the end the company.

  3. Maurice, because I have heard where this discussion was going during the class, I think I know where you want to go with this, but it may be unclear for those who weren’t in on the discussion.
    Do you mean that the marketing of each individual (and their own personal brand) within a company needs a different approach than the external marketing of an entire company? And would this external marketing use this (or these) images to get a “specific brand” across to new clients looking for this personal touch?
    I’m not sure what you meant by “perception”. Do you mean we see these images so differently, that we would perceive them differently than someone else?

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