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During Module One, I learned about different kind of things that…

During Module One, I learned about different kind of things that helps me learn about myself and about the NGOs (project). The most interested but hard ones was Personal Branding itself, the 4 Hats, which is Crowdsourcing, Teamwork, Crowdfunding, and Marketing, that we learned in the Project Communities, and the way of working in groups.

Out of these, I think the most important and brings everything together is TEAMWORK and INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION. I think like this because it depends on the teamwork and individuals when doing a group work. No matter how good the project theme is, if the individuals doesn’t work in there best, it is no use. If individuals play around and not working, the team itself gets ruined and the project itself will turn into a bubbles. However, in contrast, if each works there hard and be active, the teamwork will automatically go well and the results of their project will be the best in best. So, to be clear, INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPATION is the most important word that I learn in this Module and then connected to that, TEAMWORK will be the one. These two can also be perfectly connected to the Solidaridad, of course.

From this learning, I want to be a more active person and be able to be outstanding in front of others. Eventhough I think and others say that I am sociable and bright person, I still have a little fear on standing front of lot of people. I don’t want to get feared but it just turns like that automatically. My body doesn’t work out the way my head wants to work out. By trying my best, I will be an person who can first volunteer to do a speech or presentation ini front of people without fear.

By this chance, I hope I became more a big person compared to my past. I can’t wait to see what I will do in Module Two!

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  1. Yannick says:

    In fact, I have same problem as yours, because I am not a native English speaker. When I am speaking English with others, I always feel nervous. Especially when I was having the presentation,I totally lose my confidence. However, after our teamwork I think it’s much better now.

  2. Well Jennifer, I have only seen you participating well in the team and doing your individual work right after the class on Monday ends. You can practice your presentation in front of your classmates, I even suggest you introduce the video…. Or be one of the hosts for the final day. Let me know if you are interested… However scary you may find it, only by just DO-ing it, your fears will fade away faster than you could imagine! Practice helps imensely!

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