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#6 Develop the strategies

We covered all four hats until now: crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, marketing, and work team. All four of them are important, but I think personal branding is key to get through all of them.

First of all, Solidaridad has work teams within the company. To use the team in the most efficient way is the key to success. Then, how can they use their work teams well? Using personal brands! Everyone has their place on earth. Based on their gifts, passions, and purpose, people can find their sweet spot, which is related to their personal brands. The company can group people based on their personal brands.

Knowing each person’s strength and weakness, the team can help each other to draw the best out of them. Also, if they have same purpose, they can work together even better for the one common goal! Great teamwork effects all other things: crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and marketing, and personal branding strategy is the answer!

Marketing is very important as well. Before I start the project, I’ve never heard about Solidaridad, which implies that Solidaridad is not doing great at marketing itself.

Marketing is important for not only the awareness of the company, but also the two other hats, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. People do not invest any time or money on what they do not know. Actually, people have no interest in whatever the company do if they never heard about the company. To get people involved in what they are doing, the company first need to market them so that people can get interested on them. Marketing influences crowdsourcing and crowdfunding since both of them requires the voluntary participation of the crowds.

Then how can Solidaridad market itself? Maybe brilliant advertisements using fancy scripts, beautiful sounds, simple & clear messages with legible logos will be helpful. 

Developing marketing & personal branding strategy. This is the main problem to solve for Solidaridad and for our project group.

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2 comments on “#6 Develop the strategies
  1. Yannick says:

    Nice blog, I also believe that Marketing should have connection with Crowdsorcing and Crowdfunding. Actually they impact each other, with good marketing companies can easily get more Corwdsourcing and Crowdfunding.

  2. Keisha, you have also touched the subject of Personal Branding as a tool for the company and you describe what you have learned and how this fits so well as a solution. Yes, your description of how the people with the same purposes can share and work within the design work teams.
    However, I am curious as to how they can define their gifts and passions so that the “right person for the right job”, can be found easily.
    It would be a good idea to get this in to the company advice as well.

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