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four hats, only one winner..

We’re in week 7, the first block is almost completed and all the pieces of our assignment are finally coming together! We as a group improved a lot the past few weeks I think, the teamwork, the involvement and the understanding of what we’re actually doing are all there now. We even started a good storyboard, a great beginning for the movie and the presentation. :)

Now we’ve discussed all of the four themes and worked on them, I can say they are all pretty important for our NGO because they’re all getting together at some point, they relay on each other. 
But I think crowdsourcing can help out our NGO and it’s unmet needs the most. 

- At first, crowdsourcing is getting people involved in what the NGO is doing and where they stand for. You can let people give feedback on your ideas or let them vote for the best new project you have to choose. It’s cheap, it’s fast and it’s worldwide. 

- Second, crowdsourcing can help the company out. If you’re stuck people from outside or, sometimes even better, within the company can give you new insights, new ideas, new information. It can help you connect with other companies so you can help each other out. It’s the easiest way to exchange knowledge, on different levels. 

- Third, crowdsourcing can be used on different levels, so it depends on the need or task on what level you want to use it. This is an important part of crowdsourcing, if it’s used right, it can help improve the company a lot and it can have them save a lot of money and time. But it’s not that easy as it sounds, research will in most cases be necessary to find out exactly which strategy for crowdsourcing the company (or project group etc.) has to use  to take the biggest advantage of it.  

Our design challenge for our NGO is developing a personal branding strategy to maximize knowledge exchange on the intranet. Our solution: Building a social intranet platform where all employees can have their own page where they can show their personal brands. On this profile pages you can find links to project pages of projects they are doing or have done. Their are open forums on this pages for problems and ideas. All employees involved in the project can add progresses, ideas, developments and pictures that are open for the whole social intranet. People can profile themselves, people can share information, people can look information up, people are involved in what the company is doing in other places, people can share thoughts and ideas. 

This shows crowdsourcing can be used on so many levels and in many different ways. I think giving the company advice on using crowdsourcing for developing a personal branding strategy can really help them, or at least take them forward in the process. 

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One comment on “four hats, only one winner..
  1. Laura says:

    I like this start, but would also like some more specific examples. Could you link to something where you have seen crowdsourcing use, proven, in a similar project?

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