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Week 7

This week we had class about Marketing. Marketing is the process of  communicating the value of a product or service to customers , for the  purpose of selling the product or service. So actually there is no  company can survive without marketing.

Generally there are two approaches of marketing ——Earlier approaches and Contemporary approaches. Earlier approaches  is the earlier orientations, namely, the production orientation, the  product orientation and the selling orientation. Recent approaches in  marketing include relationship marketing with focus on the customer,  business marketing or industrial marketing with focus on an organization or institution and social marketing with focus on benefits to society. It  included Relationship marketing,Business marketing ,Societal marketing and Branding.

According to Solidaridad’s situation, personally I think contemporary  approaches is the best choice because of following reasons. First of all, Relationship marketing is the relevant point for all companies and  businessmen in contemporary society. Emphasis is building better  relationship between suppliers and customers. After that it can provide  the best possible customer service and build customer loyalty. Of course, companies can fix promblems after get more feedback and information from customers. Second, business marketing can build and keep relationships between  organizations by different forms of marketing activities, such as  promotion, advertising and communication to the customers. For  example, Solidaridad could market their project to the factories or  companies which has business or products about sugarcane.  Meanwhile, during their cooperation, Solidaridad also could increase  their publicity by having commercials or printing their logo in the  products of their cooperation companies. Last but not least, Branding plays as a key role  in the marketing programme. Branding refers to the main company  philosophy and marketing is considered to be an instrument of branding philosophy. However, it’s also means Solidaridad’s personal branding.  From now we understand that Solidaridad does not only need cash, they also need to found more human resources and technologies by  crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. So, if there are more people can  understand and agree with Solidaridad’s branding. Without question,  Solidaridad will get more help form these crowds. image

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3 comments on “Week 7
  1. Michal says:

    what you said about the marketing is interesting, good points. However, I think that at the moment, the main focus for us should be designing an internal marketing strategy, rather than external. Your ideas could be good for the future though.

  2. Laura says:

    Do you mean by “earlier” approaches, Historic? Could you then give an example of this? Such as, “An example of historical approach to marketing is…”
    “An example of Earlier Approaches is…”
    “An example of Contemporary Approach to Marketing is…”
    “An example of Business Marketing is…”
    and so forth… Just to make it clear what you want to compare.

  3. Laura says:

    I think I understand what you are trying to say, but it may be a good idea to rewrite the blog… it’s hard to read for me because of your choice of words and the break-off of the words themselfs when going to the next line down. This may have something to do with the laptop you work on, I don’t know.
    However, I do like the idea of the Reputation Monitor very much. A friend of mine does this in The Netherlands.
    I agree that a good reputation is your best Marketing tool.

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