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Week 7, it’s getting more serious

In today’s blog I will uncover which one of all themes we have been looking into should the most important towards the goals of our NGO. I will get straight to the point; teamwork, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, marketing, these all are important elements, however one is the most crucial, which is marketing. Besides importance of the marketing itself, it also connects all those themes together and brings some kind of common ground for them. We should not look at the marketing as s selling process, but process of communicating particular message with our audience. It uncovers the main benefits and possible results from successful implementing of the new product, in this case solution.

 I would like to get more particular about the marketing, therefore I prepared the following advices:

 Instead of throwing one-way commercial messages at users, the NGO has to use the technology, is this case internet and social networks to interact with them and become part of their conversations and lives. I recommend to avoid using of already existing overloaded social networks, instead, Solidaridad should create its own social-networking web site reserved for only people sharing their interests.

 The main advantages of smaller platform are:

  • focusing on specific interest, or profession creates one dedicated community of   like-minded people, which tend people to spend more time on the social network and contribute more
  • quicker exchange of specific message
  • shared information have more direct effect
  • direct feedback from users of the network
  •  better marketing message environment
  •  on small networking sites people tend to trust the context
  •  last but not least, monitoring the discussions

The best approach is not to “market” to network members but interact with them on topics of mutual interest. Crucial part of marketing is also collecting the feedback. Solidaridad should research the effect of their messages on the target audience, and research audience’s past and present attitudes toward the product and company. Feedback on marketing communications may suggest changes in the promotion program or in the product itself.

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3 comments on “Week 7, it’s getting more serious
  1. Michal says:

    I basically came to my conclusion after doing some research about Walmart’s employee-fed blog, called “Check out” and reading some interesting stuff from Principles of marketing book by Philip Kotler, which is really great.

    The blog was created mainly for merchandise managers to talk candidly about the products, chain carriers, etc., and it has become a very useful source of information for Walmart. This was also just small-sized, interest oriented forum, which was easy to monitor.

    I will be able to come up with more detailed information soon.

  2. Laura says:

    I agree with Nancy, great insights… and of course I have heard what you have said during our meetings, so if you could add an example that you may already know of? Or how to implement (3 main things to watch for?) that would be great.

  3. Nancy White says:

    Wise, words, Michal. I’m curious to know how you came to your conclusion. What did you read or experience that gave you these insights? Are there any examples which can help us, as your readers, (and hopefully your client) understand the data upon which you build your case?

    In other words –> GOOD insights. Show us supporting evidence and it becomes a really GREAT post and one worth sharing and promoting in our community and wider networks!

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